GP Europe: Rosberg: “The engine stopped working, but it was old, no problem”


The only startle remarkable that he has had to deal
today Mercedes has been the breakdown of the propeller of the car of Nico
Rosberg in the last few minutes of the second session. The pilot
German has had to stop in the margins of the track to see
how their rivals were still rolling, although it is not something that will
worry, since the unit was already many miles
accumulated and will only be used in the sessions on Friday.

“it Is a little weird where they are Ferrari and Red Bull”

“The engine has stopped
work well and I have been advised to shut down everything, because but
it was possible it would break more.
The engine is very old and there is no problem. At the moment it seems that
we are very quick here, but not understood, is
a little weird where they are Ferrari and Red Bull”
remarked the German after see
how their rivals usual had difficulty approaching
the posts of the head on the opening day of this circuit.

Nico Rosberg was one of the drivers that most concern showed
yesterday by the characteristics of this track, but today recognizes that,
while there are still things to improve, those responsible have done a
good job. Is a good circuit, have done a good job.
Has run well in the castle area. It’s nice to
. There are two or three
sites that I think are too dangerous: for example the entry
the pit-lane, which is very fast. Then we will talk about all the
riders together, to see if we need to change something”

“In some areas it seems that driving directly against the wall

Lewis Hamilton, for his part, had no difficulty in
throughout the day -except a puncture, slow-, getting by this
best times in both sessions
. The british recognized that the
circuit is complicated, although I am not excited about it.
This circuit is a challenge because we got to a speed that would be
in these first turns, and, in others, it seems that driving
directly against the wall.
Is a mixture of Canada, Monaco, Valencia and Sochi. It is a great
challenge. I felt very good out there. I don’t know how is the
rest. It looks good,
I managed good laps, so I hope that will continue tomorrow.
I did only eight laps in the simulator. The simulator is good for
to know in which direction to reach the curves, but in the real world you have
re-learn it. You do not have a real benefit, apart from knowing
where come the curves. The pit-lane is incredibly
fast, but the circuit is too. It is very thorough. It is
a challenge, especially in the braking
, he pointed out, the current
Champion of the World.

Good day, but not the perfect

Paddy Lowe, Technical Director of Mercedes, was instrumental in the
the more technical aspects of the day, highlighting the small
problems that were their pilots. “A good day but not
perfect. It has been interesting to experience a new track with a
characteristics so unusual. Inevitably, the main focus of
today was to find our way with the set-up. In general,
we found a good balance with both cars, both with high load
fuel with low load, and the tires it seems
work well. however, we lost two long runs today. The
first with Lewis for a flat tire slow in their super-soft, the
second, with Nico after standing his car on the main straight
We are still investigating the causes. So there is a lot of work to
do this overnight in the box and on the board of engineers for
make sure to be in good shape for the classification of
, finished Lowe.