GP Europe: Sainz: “I Hope Baku is as good as Macao”


Toro Rosso arrives at the European Grand Prix with the intention of getting, finally, a result
really eye-catching. The races happen and, although the performance has
been well, various circumstances have made that the team has not
managed as many points as deserved. In the last Grand Prix
held in Canada, Carlos Sainz made a fantastic comeback
from the twentieth to the ninth square
, showing that both he and
the car can achieve a great result if the
appropriate circumstances.

In Baku there will be many
unknowns, but their great diversity may allow you to Toro Rosso
give some that another surprise. “Really
I feel like this race even if, to be honest, I don’t know
what to expect! I’ve flown a few times in the simulator,
experience a new circuit for the first time is always a challenge
, supports

“The top speed here in Baku you must be one of the highest of the season

The circuit has three
sectors highly differentiated, con a home fraught with curves of 90
degrees in the direction of the second sector, in which the track is
narrows and becomes more sinuous
. To finish, the area is fast
the that the engine power will be important.
first four corners are all 90 degrees. Of
the curve five onwards, it begins to be very interesting. I
it reminds a lot of the circuit of Macao:
the section of the curve seven of the twelve is very similar to its section
close, while the long straight that goes from the output of the
curve sixteen to the curve one is very similar. The speed
tip here in Baku you must be one of the highest of the season,
and it seems that you are with the pedal to the metal from the exit of the curve
sixteen-until the first corner! I think the braking in the curve
fifteen will be complicated, at least it was in the simulator! I can not
to say much more, only
I hope it is as good as Macau, that I have always considered
as the track’s most iconic
and it would be great for Formula 1 to have
a circuit such as that”
, concluded
the Spanish rider.

Daniil Kvyat was not of an order of
week as positive as that of his partner in Canada, not ranked
well and had to face a penalty that will delayed in
grill-although not as much as Carlos – and, in the race, finished
widely overtaken by Sainz. Baku is the perfect time to
forget the bad start to the year and start the recovery

“it is Always interesting to go
to a new place. Being a street circuit it will require a lot of work
the pedals and the steering wheel and that is always exciting. Always
you are looking for new tricks, because this type of track means that the
pilot has more freedom in terms of how it handles curves
experimenting with different drawn”
, ensures
the Russian pilot.

“you are Always looking for new tricks, experimenting with the drawn”

If Sainz Baku will
remember to Macau, Kvyat will be remembered more the urban circuit of
Valencia. “This
track reminds me a bit of the Valencia street circuit.
Definitely, it will be an interesting challenge that I am prepared!
I hope that you have many fans russians making the trip to Baku
and I will have a lot of support from the stands. It will be great”
, concluded
the Russian hopeful that the proximity to your country we provide
additional support in the stands.