GP Europe: Sainz: “I Want to go to a big team soon, but I know that Red Bull is happy with me”


Carlos Sainz seems to
having gained confidence in the last few races
, coinciding with the
up of Max Verstappen and the arrival of Daniil Kvyat. But the pilot
Toro Rosso not attributed to the change of mate, and yes the
things, finally, have been standardized.
“The thing that makes me have more confidence is not the change of partner
or pilot, but
that, suddenly, I have stopped many things that before
they were out of my control
. This has fact that we have had a couple
of good results and, in the face outside, it seems that I have more
confidence. The fact of the driver change I do not say that be positive or
negative, only that the team continues to improve, and going forward”
about a
Sainz that is receiving more attention in recent dates.

In any case, it is
obvious that Sainz is still very superior to Daniil Kvyat from the
Russian came to Toro Rosso. “Never
we will know if Max would have been different, can’t compare. There are
like to get holders that the team is much better without Max,
but I have never said that. I have only said that, first, it is impossible to
compare, and second, that the team is evolving a lot. And
this can be seen in circuits like Canada,”
, clarified
the young madrid in the microphones Movistar F1.


As is occurring in
a lot of teams, the contractual uncertainty of many pilots does
the rumors and movements are played without a break, and Carlos Sainz
he is among the candidates
, just like his teammate Daniel Ricciardo.
But the same Christian Horner has already made it very clear that the contract of
Ricciardo dragged on beyond 2016, and that there was no forecast of change of pilots. In this regard, Sainz is aware of it and not
is obsessed. “Not
I see that Red Bull wants to be shipped in from Verstappen or Ricciardo. Yes
that seems a bit closed (the
option to go to Red Bull),
but my plans don’t change. I’m going to continue to insist and
keep trying, you never know what can happen in Formula 1. I Know
that Red Bull is still happy with me, so there is no
no reason why not to continue with Toro Rosso next year
or not to follow in Red Bull”

The season of signings soon
will begin, to intensify with the summer break, but Sainz will not be the
believe that it is time to worry about it. “I Think
wait a little bit
very soon as to see what fronts are open.
Until summer there are some races very important. I think that the people
has started to talk a little bit too soon. I want to do good
racing, good points, and then
we’ll see. But
if you ask me
now, of course I want to go to a big team soon
admitted Sainz.

The goal in Baku

despite being a circuit, on the
paper, little favorable to Toro Rosso, carlos Sainz, continues to plan as
objective to enter in to Q3 and fight for points on Sunday.
“Probably yes, maybe not as much as in Canada, but with the
we play Q3, as Force India have an engine much more
fast. It will be complicated. In the race then open up other options,
strategies, etc., Can pass most things. For forty seconds
you’re going straight to the fund and that, for those who are not leading Mercedes engine,
it means that you’re losing time, it is much
. So it is complicated,
until Renault is already ahead of us in power”
there is a clear reference to a handicap that involves using the engine
Ferrari 2015, there is a lack of evolution of any kind
during the season.