GP Europe: Sebastian Vettel: “we can’t be fully satisfied”


The improvement of Ferrari over the weekend in Baku after a Friday disastrous has been noticeable. The team from Maranello started to find the right way in qualifying, and his race performance was good, up until the point that both cars were about to climb the podium at the Grand Prix of Europe. Finally, they had to comply with to increase his advantage over Red Bull in the second position in the Constructors ‘ World.

Kimi Räikkönen was one of the highlights throughout the day. Departing from the fourth place, the finn won the game his team-mate at the beginning, and only a penalty of five seconds for stepping on the white line on the pit exit caused him to relinquish the position. The pressure and subsequent attack of Sergio Perez we did settle eventually, with the fourth position.

Räikkönen believes that his result is not bad, considering the car’s performance, but he regretted that both the folded as his maneuver with Vettel not helped him to keep the advantage with Perez for the podium

“In general, I’m a little disappointed by how difficult it has
been this weekend, has been far from fun all the time,
but in the race the car was good, and the speed was there. In a moment,
I went on line and white and I imposed a penalty of five seconds. From
that time, I’ve tried to keep the distance with Perez to keep my
position, but on a couple of occasions I ended up following two cars bent, and
I lost valuable time”.

“it seems to Me have had to change position with
Sebastian, because he had the sanction of all modes, but when I let him pass
I lost two and a half seconds on that lap, and that’s not helped
. At the end, surely
I could have finished ahead of Perez, but there was no reason to fight and
take risks. My race could have been a different story today, but
considering all that has happened, the result in the end is not too bad“.

For his part, Sebastian Vettel he was able to win the position to Daniel Ricciardo in the race, which was crucial to their aspirations of making the podium. The whole time that Räikkönen disappeared from in front, the German pilot managed to score another second position, the third of the year, as well as his fifth podium of the season.

The German pilot emphasized the progression of the team in terms of setup from Friday and the good feeling with the tyres in the race, although it maintains the ambition to reach the step that they are missing this season, the victory.

“we Can be proud of what we have achieved today,
both cars have plus points. We started very bad and slow on Friday, and the
first we didn’t know why. We changed many things in the car, we took
great steps forward, and we finished second today. The way in which the
things we were in the race was fantastic, but we cannot be totally satisfied“.

“we Lost a position to Kimi, but he did a good job of
computer, was very gracious on his part to grant me the position.
in The end, it is a
pity that it is not effective to maintain the third position, but I think that was
suffering a little with his tyres, was not a new game. Had good
sensations with the tires, so I lengthened a little bit more in the first game
even though he was not so confident after a couple of laps, but after the
tires have been recovered, and since then everything was fine again”.

After the race, Vettel had time to do a little valuation about the start of the season and, above all, as living in the surroundings of Maranello the difficulties of the team in search of the victory that so many times has been elusive this year, despite the good situation in general, in which Vettel places to 40 points of leader Nico Rosberg, and only 21 of Lewis Hamilton.

season is long, and I think that there are many things going on here, but especially
in Maranello. Our president is pushing very hard, but in a way
. Is eager to understand,
help us and pushing us, also. The ambition is high, but,
step by step, I am confident that we will do the right things this year
and in the future, to make sure that we make it difficult for others”.

we have had a start to the season wonderful, despite the fact that the car has
been good, but I think that most of the times we have not taken advantage of butt
our opportunities
. Anyway, today we have done a great job.
We will continue to do what is optimal, and we will continue to improve our options
be there at the end of the year, but we have to raise the level and improve the car“.