GP Europe: The key of the podium of Perez: “don’t we kind of caved to the panic when it appeared the graining”


Sergio Perez finished off a weekend spectacular with a unique
point grey: the accident in free practice on Saturday,
that forced him to leave most behind grill. In spite of that,
mexican worked the podium with a large work based on the
first few laps
, in the ascended positions, with brilliance and,
subsequently, avoided the temptation to enter the pits to change
the tires fault of the graining.

“I Knew that the podium was possible today, but it was very hard. We did
a first-round incredible between the Williams and the Toro Rosso. The
first relay was very complicated, the first few laps with the
graining, will not give in to panic and stop when the graining came,
especially when Kimi and others did. We decided to wait
up to lap 15 and that was one of the keys of my career”
revealed to Perez, he retained the strategy of a stop when many
other riders entered the pits in the early laps.

“it is Only the eighth race and we achieved two podiums. It is amazing”

Then, when we finally pulled up to place the tires
soft, Lewis Hamilton made things difficult but, once more,
kept a cool head and managed to keep the position. “When
I came out of the pits, Lewis (Hamilton) put me under pressure. I had to
tighten to warm up the soft tyres, it was very complicated
for me. So, the first few laps after the pit stop were
really complicated. I Had to keep Lewis behind and then
win space being behind Kimi
. But, at the same time, I was
slope of the tires, and thinking that there would be a Safety Car in
any time. It is incredible that she should not have”
, commented
surprised Sergio Perez.

in Front of Kimi, but best in track

Baku is a very demanding circuit for the high level of
concentration required, but the Czech managed all the parameters to
perfection, including the degradation of the tyres. “I Was
slope of the tires to make sure you get to the end and
I thought that Kimi was very strong with the pace that he had. I knew that
had a penalty and I walked to the end, I saw the opportunity and
that was safe enough, so we went ahead for
finishing third
, acknowledged a Sergio Pérez, who wanted to end
third party in its own right and without the aid of the penalty for Kimi Räikkönen.

Force India continues to show that it is able to do miracles with
the resources that he has at his disposal, and Doe acknowledge the merit of the
team. “It’s a very well-deserved for the team because they are
doing an amazing job, all the guys who arranged my
car yesterday (the Saturday after the accident free 3), so I’m
very happy. is Only the eighth race and we got two
podiums. It is amazing

To finish, the mexican wanted to recognize the merit of their
fellow grill, that avoided a safety car that all
the world was sure that it would act at some point in the
career. “To be honest, I’m very surprised how complicated
that is this circuit. But that also speaks to the quality of the
drivers that we have in Formula 1
. I think that all force in each
point of braking, and you really feel that you can go wrong in
any time. There is No space for mistakes in any site”

Nico Hülkenberg was not an end so bright, finishing in the ninth square after suffering a lot with the traffic at the start and, in the last phase of the race, with the degradation of the tyres. “I Suffered with oversteer and, in general, I do not found myself so comfortable as in training. The bet of the super-soft until the final 31 laps, was not easy, but it was a risk and I’m glad that it worked”.