GP Europe: The straight line of Baku benefits to the fast-Williams


First day of competition on the new route of Baku and good feeling within the team Williams. The british group has seen as the propellant Mercedes mounted the FW38 has a great importance in a plot that despite being urban has a line of more than two kilometres. In this aspect, Valtteri Bottas has had a role very consistent being an alternative to the all-powerful Mercedes. Felipe Massa has not got to be so high in the classification of FP1 and FP2, but he has also made attempts at a great speed.

Valtteri Bottas has been one of the few riders without errors. The finn finished third in the first practice and fourth in the second session, getting a best lap in 1:45.764. In addition, Bottas has been one of the fastest riders on track with tip speed in the ‘Speed Trap’ of 351 km/h. As is logical, Valtteri was satisfied with their Friday: “it Was an interesting day. I really like this track. It is very demanding, has high-speed corners and twisty and technical, but what is clear is that is one of the most difficult slopes of the calendar“.

despite the good feelings, Valtteri Bottas is very demanding with myself: “despite feeling well today, we can still improve a lot the car and get more of the tyres. I have great expectations for this weekend, but we have to keep working because in a new track there is much to learn. It is interesting to discover all the secrets curve by curve. We must seek a best lap time here because I think that we have the opportunity to have another good result this weekend“.


For his part, Felipe Massa has also had more problems to find the rhythm. The brazilian driver has not managed to perform at the level of your companion box and while in the FP1 has been eighth, during the second free has not been able to move from the sixteenth position with a best time of 1:47.060. The brazilian recognised his problems: Was a very difficult day for me. I have had issues with getting the tyres to work. Throughout the season I have not had a problem like this, so we have to analyze it. couldn’t ride as I like“.

by Relating this problem, Massa deepened: The tires were not within the working range, so that each time he came out to the track I had to fight with the car. The majority of drivers have learned and improved with each lap, but I couldn’t. There is a lot of work to do before tomorrow, but I’m sure you’ll find something to be more competitive when we look at all the data. It is a good track, of course, but enjoy it more when everything works correctly. The track itself is interesting, although it is not easy to find the drawn on certain curves, especially in the slower”.