GP Europe: The streets of Baku did not have an award for McLaren


The first European GP in Baku has ended with a disappointing result for the team McLaren-Honda. despite the efforts of Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, the capital azorí has not delivered even a point to the locker of the team of Woking. While Fernando Alonso had to drop out due to a fault in the gearbox on lap 42 after drag problems for several laps, the british Jenson Button has finished in eleventh. Good comeback from the nineteenth position, based on a smart and solid strategy, it has not been award.

Fernando Alonso had a solid career start, rolling in the central part of the race in the ninth and tenth position. However, a problem in the gearbox just with any aspiration of the Spanish: “we Knew this race was going to be difficult for us, but still it becomes more difficult when you don’t see the checkered flag. , we Had a problem in the development of the gearbox that was getting worse with each lap, so we decided to check out the car in order to avoid damage to the power unit or in any other area”.

The Spanish ended up a bit disappointed with his race in Baku: it Is a pity to end this way, but we were already running out of points, so that this abandonment is in the background a little less painful. The most important thing now is that the team can find a bit more pace in the car, both for qualifying and for the race. This step is essential to be able to improve in the next test”.


Jenson Button was quite analytical at the end of the race in Baku: “it was Not easy to start from the nineteenth position. I enjoyed my career and the car, but that was all we could do because we had no pace this weekend. I Am happy with my performance today, especially in terms of strategy. It was difficult to know which way to go, because we had to fight with the tires superblandos and we chose to pit early. Our pace with the soft tyre was good“.

“we Had some good fights with other drivers that had the same compound of tyres that we” tells Button, to add: In terms of absolute performance, we were not fast enough, so reaching the eleventh position is not bad, especially with the speed on the straight that we had here. It has been a fun race and I liked it very much, but there are some improvements needed to increase our performance. I insisted as I always do when things are tough, hopefully we find some more pace in there somewhere”.