GP Europe: Tilke about the safety of the circuit of Baku: “you only care about the opinion of the FIA”


The German designer
circuits, Hermann Tilke, it has been shown relieved by how it has been
developed the Grand Prix of Europe during the end of last week
in Baku
. Despite the fact that there were some complications with the pianos,
the entrance to the pit-lane and a lid covering a channel power
the pit lane and that, when released, damaged the gearbox
Valtteri Bottas, in general the development of the weekend was
satisfactory to all involved.

“It’s all much more complicated than in a permanent circuit”

I was very nervous. Everything worked as expected
. Of course,
had to do small jobs on the Friday and the Saturday
night, but all the people involved did a great job. There are
so many things that can go wrong, as the cap is lifted in the
training (which damaged the car of Bottas). It’s all much more
complicated than in a permanent circuit
. I liked that the pilots and
fans were happy”,
said Tilke after a Grand Prix much more incident-free than expected.

During the race,
measurements official show that Lewis Hamilton came to the 364
kilometers per hour
, although Williams says that he came to measure a
top speed of 378 miles per hour at the car of Bottas. In
in any case, they were figures that easily exceeded the
expectations in the stretch of over two kilometres of acceleration
maximum. “I Heard that we set a new record, our
computer simulations only came up to 340 kilometers per
, she recognized the German designer.

security is the exclusive competence of the FIA

But, in spite of
be enchanted with the view of pilots and enthusiasts in
what the circuit is concerned, in terms of security Tilke changes
complete the speech and ensures that only interested in what the FIA
have to say,
, despising the opinion of the pilots,
especially Friday, they were concerned about some
aspects of the circuit.

“For us,
only the opinion of the FIA is important. They say
finally, if it is appropriate or not. In the curve 15, the escape
it worked very well. And where it is narrow, we put a lot of barriers
TecPro sucking up very well the impact”
, he pointed out, Hermann
Tilke in an interview granted to Auto Motor und Sport.