GP Germany: analysis: the keys of the GP of Germany


The last Grand Prix prior to the summer holiday left us much to comment and two winners main: Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull. Both met their target start August ahead of their respective opponents. One consolidating the lead after a bad race Rosberg -dotted with a penalty – and another taking the second place in the constructors ‘ championship to Ferrari.

But there were also other details in which influence, as the exceptional career of Jenson Button and Nico Hülkenberg or the crossroads were caught McLaren and Toro Rosso. Without forgetting, of course, the controversy of the race: the overtaking of Rosberg on Verstappen.

The stars

Lewis Hamilton


The month of July that Lewis Hamilton has completed, with four consecutive victories, has catapulted it was a lead loose, especially considering that it came to be 43 points behind Rosberg .

“Manages the careers of the proper mode at all times”

Those 19 points of advantage are based on the essence of Hamilton as a pilot: speed, consistency and intelligence is not exempt from aggression when it is necessary. We have all the season stressing the importance of not allowing ourselves to be deceived by the character created around the current leader of the world, that is capable of managing the racing in the right way in all times and in Hockenheim we had an example more. It is very possible that only the most likely sanctions for a change of engine that is going to have to face in the next few races to put at risk what would be their fourth world title.

Red Bull


commented on Horner to the press after the race on Sunday: “no one would have thought that we would be second in the championship after seeing the test of winter”. And it is very true.

As happened in the successful season alongside Sebastian Vettel, the success of Red Bull relies on two pillars: a chassis is brilliant and a motor that accompanies. Obviously, saving the distances, because, neither the chassis still has permission to brag in front of Mercedes, or the Renault engine is as bright as the past.

But the recovery of the team itself has had much to do with the latest developments introduced in the propellant, which have allowed him to take that step necessary to be able to face-planting, even though it is timidamente, Mercedes and overtake Ferrari. Adding to that two pilots reliable and extremely competitive, the result is a set that promises to give many problems to Mercedes in 2017.

Nico Hülkenberg


The German was, not long ago, the great promise of the grill that, theoretically, the big teams of the grill they were going to fight. But there has always been something that has not convinced Ferrari, Mercedes and company. And, whether it is the cause as the result of a dream that has never come, what is certain is that Nico has been disintegrating with the passage of time.

His talent is undeniable, and it always comes out at some point in the weekend, but it makes it difficult to see how Hülkenberg complete a Great Award consistent from beginning to end. In the end, was the case in Hockenheim, where we were able to see in its best expression. Let’s hope, for the good of the Formula 1, which is the beginning of your recovery.

Jenson Button


The british pilot is reliable and compliant, bright at times. And in Hockenheim was all of those things. Has overtaken Fernando Alonso in all aspects and, where the Spanish ended up giving up, Jenson highlighted even more.

“Brilliant performance of Button that serves to certify the step forward for McLaren”

While Alonso would just languish in the last few laps with a tire superblandos used, the Button won positions aided by the strategy. , The key was in your second relay with a soft, more long-lived than that of Alonso and, above all, in utllizar your game superblandos new at the end, something that the Spanish did before the third stop. This allowed him to minimize the required care of the consumption and overtake Bottas, who suffered with the degradation.

Brilliant performance from Button, in addition, serves to certify that the step forward of McLaren. If, at the Hungaroring the circumstances of the circuit helped, it was not the case in Hockenheim, however, only Hülkenberg modified the end result of the team. Promising.

The starry

Nico Rosberg


The up to now leader of the championship has returned to alternate moments of brilliance with others of disconnection. Rosberg is able to perform as the best, a circumstance that showed Saturday in qualifying, but does not have sufficient continuity as to become a credible candidate for the title.

“Rosberg becomes crucial situations which should not be”

Went wrong, being overtaken by Hamilton and the Red Bull. And, when I was in a position of, at least, minimize damage, came this dubious manoeuvre on Max Verstappen. The German thought that would only have a chance of advancing, as Verstappen had just come out of the pits and still didn’t have the tyres to the right temperature. This is why Nico Rosberg used to make bad decisions at important moments-but, above all, has the ability to convert in crucial situations that do not necessarily have to serlo.



We carry many racing commenting on the situation of Ferrari and, at Hockenheim, we’re in a new chapter. from Maranello are, literally, lost. Or at least what they have been up to Hockenheim, according to the own Vettel admits.

From the Spanish Grand Prix, as they themselves recognize, the car has not seen an increase in their ability to generate downforce and that, at the time of the evolution is constant, is a burden insurmountable.

At Hockenheim, Vettel found himself very uncomfortable since Friday but, despite that, managed to finish in front of Räikkönen went wrong and, then, there was not enough mordant to fix it. The result of a campaign of mediocre in the first one and better than usual in the second is that both are separated by only two points in the championship standings.

Fernando Alonso


Bad weekend for the spaniard, who was beaten by his teammate in qualifying and in the race, failed to follow the wake of his inspired companion.

Fernando chose the wrong strategy of tyres, doing a relay too short with soft (14 laps of the 18 Button) and using your games superblandos new before the third stop, which will be left with the task of having to make only one lap less with the used to mate with the new system until the end of the race. And, in addition, having to save fuel.

Toro Rosso


The team of Faenza thought it was going to be able to spend the season in 2016 without big troubles with the Ferrari engine of 2016, but the reactivation of the propellant Renault and the slow, but steady, evolution of Honda has placed on them in a very complex situation here to the end of the season.

If to this we add the missed opportunities during the season, with pit-stops, poorly executed, errors of strategy, timely and, above all, mechanical breakdowns, the result is a team with a good chassis that is going to finish the season in the lower part of the grill, surely behind Haas and in conditions similar to those of Renault.

In Hockenheim, Sainz had options to score, a few, but had. Until a first stop poor ended his chances. In the case of Kvyat, the situation is much more serious, because it has entered a spiral of psychological very negative has to leave as soon as possible. His career was not bad, certainly much better than the rest of the weekend. Hope this is the beginning of something better.

The flash


Max Verstappen is a special pilot, which has demonstrated from his first day in Formula 1. Quick as a few, the Dutch, it is also incisive and spectacular, something that has been cleaved along this last year and a half to become the great pilot that is currently.

At Hockenheim gave us a departure spectacular, ahead of Daniel Ricciardo on the outside in the first corner. The australian was clean, but also hard to defend your position. What happens is that Max has that determination that only few have and if there is room, for minimum quand is, is going to by him. Finally not earned him much because I had rhythm, and when the team asked him to let pass Ricciardo for that out by Rosberg, he did so without question.

This shows that he has matured, and also that you feel that you no longer have to compete for a spot, because he has earned it. Is an environment and a situation very different to the one that lives in Toro Rosso, where you have to fight for your place every minute.

The technical detail


Hockenheim was one of the first circuits designed (or, in this case, redesigned) by Hermann Tilke, used to create a conundrum for the engineers, you must find a difficult balance in the tune of the car as a result of very different sectors.

In the German track, the first one is very short, with the second sector, marked by the necessary power on the long straight and the third one, a compendium of curves of medium or low speed in which it is important to have good levels of downforce and a car very neutral in his behavior, especially at the time of controlling the understeer.

The cars that come with a good engine, can tackle the third sector, without sacrificing top-end speed in the second, but teams such as McLaren or Toro Rosso saw their options very committed because, even downloading the ailerons of the car, they looked unable to break out of the last positions of the table of the speed control. McLaren was able to, in some way, to fix it, getting a remarkable eighth place finish with the Button. Toro Rosso, however, suffered the unspeakable to get a car fairly balanced.

The dark

as happened in Austria, Nico Rosberg was penalised for forcing an opponent to fly off the track. The maneuver of Hockenheim with Max Verstappen took the small nuances that differentiate it from the one that starred with Lewis Hamilton at the Red Bull Ring but, in essence, are similar.

although in Austria it was Rosberg the defender and in Germany the attacker, on both occasions arrived with the interior cattle and, in both, turned too late, forcing your opponent to go out of track, although this last time without contact between you both.

Nico Rosberg says in his defence that, when throwing from so far away, had to brake very late and it was not possible to rotate until stopped long enough for the car to be able to do it without losing control. If that were so, he would give him the reason, if only because I’ve always thought that, when you try an overtaking, you can go right or wrong, but you should never be punished for trying it.

The question is if it really happened and, since then, the commissioners not interpreted it that way. It is true that Rosberg is pulled late to the hole, but it also is that, when Verstappen sees it, makes a feint of closing it, reacting Nico accordingly (minute 1:36 of the video).

Then, Verstappen sees that it is not possible to already lock the door and stay still, waiting for Nico’s turn to try to fight back. But Nico, or blocks in the skid, or lose control, or turn. As in Austria, waiting until the last moment to turn within the track, but without leaving space to his opponent. And, as in Austria, your opponent has to get out to escape. Only Rosberg and those who have access to their telemetry they know the answer to the question about if Nico turned when he could or when he wanted to, but their version is hard to believe.