GP Germany: Hamilton admits that he did not have to force the engine in Germany


In the Grand Prix of Germany this past weekend, Lewis Hamilton he was again a stranglehold on the race from the beginning. Once he came out of the first corner in the lead, no one could toserle or reduce a comfortable lead at the front of the test, in which he earned his fourth consecutive win of the season at the wheel of his Mercedes.

not even an attempt to attack the end of Daniel Ricciardo with tires superblandos new served. Hamilton, who rode soft used, had operated the wear of the same, and only needed to require a little bit more to your engine in order to reopen the hollow, as he himself has admitted:

“he Was 11 seconds ahead and I took it easy with the tires. When Ricciardo reduced the difference and I said “Hammer Time”, I said to myself: “okay, six (seconds) is enough,” and went back to the normal mode of career. I was able to match it and then leave a little.

I Only needed to do it in that last stint, when (Red Bull) started to make 18.4, and I had been being gentle with the tires about four or five laps. I Felt that I had total control during the entire race, and it is a scenario which is not always. Not expected to be as strong as what fui”.

The british pilot has been added that, with the exception of the first two rounds and that the thrust to repel Ricciardo, the engine gave up the rest of the race in a way ‘reduced’, at lower revs and with much less requirement than the normal mode of race or classification.

With this, he sought to prevent a new mechanical failure that complicate matters even more the difficult situation in regards to components that will have to face in the final stretch of the year, taking advantage of the advantage in lap times that the Mercedes has respect of their opponents direct.

“Honestly, there is a quota that you are able to use with the engine, and was not at all close to him. I went down the performance of the engine from the second or third lap, very soon, and then I was able to keep it”.

“Trying to make the engine last as long as possible, and when you reduce, it is more simple for him. Expected simply lengthen your life… because do not know when it will break. You want to treat it as well as possible, and that is what I was doing”.