GP Germany: Manor squeeze your possibilities in house Wehrlein


Manor faced by the GP of Germany with a certain special atmosphere that is since Pascal Wehrlein took his first race at home since he arrived in Formula 1. However, a race without too many shockers in the front and without any condition extraordinary condemned the team to fight for the last positions of the grid. In this aspect, Pascal Wehrlein signed a positive seventeenth position, while Rio Haryanto completed three positions behind his team mate, box not power, with Marcus Ericsson or Jolyon Palmer.

Pascal Wehrlein showed his enthusiasm for racing at home after a race in which he had a good role: I’m very happy. Has been a career a much simple because there were no big opportunities to improve on the squad. That we did not have to disappoint because our aim was to finish ahead of the Sauber and we also managed to leave behind one of the Renault. With all, we can say that we’ve had a good career”.

Analyzing a little more in depth, the paper managed to their fans, Pascal Wehrlein, explained: I Think the strategy was pretty good. We opted for a strategy of three stops, which meant that there were many cars that we had to overtake at one time or another. In this aspect it was a very interesting race and fun. The greater part of the race I competed without one of the endplate of the front wing, but did not affect us too much”.


Something more complicated was the race of Rio Haryanto, although the pilot malaysian believes that their performance has not been bad, especially in the early stages of the race: In general, the race was not so bad for me. We were fighting against the Sauber, which is the big goal and what we needed to do. At the beginning of the race, I saw the opportunity to pass my team-mate when he opened a gap on the right. unfortunately it did not work and we ended up tocándonos. Damage to the front wing in the maneuver”.

In this aspect, Haryanto: “We remained with this wing until the first pit stop and the truth is that I was glued to Ericsson, which was between Pascal and me. We knew that we had damage, so, in our first scheduled change at el morro. It takes a little bit more and we lost some time, but then I was able to give chase to Ericsson and fight with Nasr while the strategies of each one took place”.