GP Germany: Race against Renault in Germany


Renault Sport had shown some improvement during the classification, but the French team was not able to translate the best pace of the Renault RS16 an effective stroke. Jolyon Palmer had a tap on the output with Felipe Massa forcing him to make a stop at the first hurdle, sticking out of the strategy devised by the team. For his part, Kevin Magnussen made a good start to the race, marking a pace promising, although in the latter part of the race dam the wear and tear of the tyres also lost bellows. Renault Sport has a lot of work to do in the second half of the season.

Kevin Magnussen started the race with a game of superblandos, returning to opt for this compound at his first stop. The dane ended the test with the tires soft, something that made him lose pace at the end: , We decided on a two-stop strategy before the race because all the data pointed in our case it was the right thing. However, during the race we saw that la strategy of three stops on our rivals worked better that what we had thought”.

With this deficit in strategic, Magnussen was unable to take advantage of the pace improved in the Renault RS16: The conclusion on the strategies was not obvious and we were too involved with our two-stop strategy to change it. Still, it’s a lesson learned. We were too slow with the soft compound in the final stretch of the race and the degradation of the soft tyre was bigger than expected. Andso rid our chances of finishing in a higher position“.


Jolyon Lamper started the race with tires superblandos, although
these did not last even a single lap after having a touch with Massa. To
from there his career was completely ruined with a strategy to
three stops with the that failed to win positions: All had been
very positive this weekend
and I had a good start. I think
it was around the tenth place, so that the final result is
disappointing. In the second curve got hurt the tires and because of the
vibrations do not appear. Touch Me with a Williams”.

The mishap damaged
the front wing of the Renault RS16 of Jolyon Palmer: we Changed the
wing damaged at the second stop
, since the first did not give us time.
After there was so much more that we could do. It is a pity, but
we can take lessons and get the positive aspects of this career.
We should put this as a basis for further work and focus on
the second half of the season”.