GP Germany: Red Bull: double podium and ‘sorpasso’ to Ferrari


Photo: Red Bull

Red Bull has congealed in the Grand Prix of Germany for its best overall performance of the year, with Daniel Ricciardo second ahead of Max Verstappen. It is their first double podium of the season, thanks to what is taken away from Ferrari-second place of the table Builders.

A result that began to build anything more off the traffic lights with a large output of both (and to a lousy start action on the part of the infringer Nico Rosberg). In particular, Verstappen, on the outside of the track, but not to exceed the limits, overtook Ricciardo and stood second behind Lewis Hamilton.

In the first round of pitstops, Mercedes and Red Bull split their strategies: Rosberg and Verstappen mounted superblandos, while Hamilton and Ricciardo (who was celebrating his one-hundredth Grand Prix) opted for the soft. Max encountered problems with its composite, which allowed Nico to close the gap and try the undercut advancing the second stop

Red Bull responded by stopping early also to the Dutch, who came back just ahead of Rosberg, but could not prevent it to take the slipstream on the approach to the hairpin. But the German, in an action similar to the one that starred in Austria, it was long, forcing Verstappen to get out of the asphalt. Five seconds of penalty were the punishment and made Nico to say goodbye to the podium.


Photo: Red Bull

While, Hamilton and Ricciardo continued their second release and opted for the superblandos, a compound that allowed the australian to reach his companion, who did not put problems to clinch the second position. Daniel, with a last game of superblandos, even managed to cut the gap to Hamilton, who had returned to the softs for his last stint. But Lewis kept time in the pocket and increased the pace when it was necessary to win the race.

Ricciardo expressed its satisfaction for the second consecutive podium and applauded for having been able to close the first part of the season on a good note.

In the first part of the race was third and the pace was not bad, but improved in the second with the superblandos, I felt more comfortable with them. I was able to find more speed and to get the second position. Is the maximum that I had my scope and I’m happy to get to the summer recess with another podium in the pocket, having been able to get the best results in the last races and for the fact that we have been able to beat with the two cars to one of the Mercedes.

, Verstappen was satisfied with the outcome of a weekend that I imagined more complicated, was satisfied to be beaten with clarity to the Ferrari and sent a small message to Rosberg for his maneuver.

I didn’t expect a weekend so good: we’ve maximized the result. The strategy does not always work out well but even so we’ve been second and third ahead of the Ferrari, which was the main objective. Rosberg slowed down too late, it continued straight and threw me out, making me lose much time. I had to drop out because, if not, we would have collided. There was something too slick, as you already know Lewis. After, let it pass to Daniel according to the strategy of the team; in the end, the important thing has been to add up the points and improve in the championship.

With this result, Red Bull passes to outdo Ferrari in 14 points in the classification. Ricciardo and Verstappen are still third and sixth, emparedando to Räikkönen, and Vettel, while Daniel increases differences with Kimi and Max reduces with respect to Vettel.