GP Germany: Sainz, concerned about the evolution of McLaren


The path walked by Toro Rosso and McLaren in this 2016 has been
completely opposite, but have ended up crossed in the past
. While the team of Faenza, began with high aspirations
taking advantage of a chassis that is remarkable and has been stagnating with problems
reliability and engine obsolete, McLaren has been ascending to
as your car has taken on the improvements scheduled for the

Carlos Sainz is concerned about it, because your computer
has not been able to take advantage of their initial advantage, and now McLaren will
treads on the heels on the points table. In Hungary, in spite of all,
the end result was positive after seeing how he had
developed the weekend, but the reality is that Alonso
proved to have better pace. “it Was a solid race by
our party, holding the pace of the McLaren. So we are
very happy with that. Obviously, Fernando us ahead in the
output and it was impossible to pass, but I think I was two tenths more
and it was impossible to get too close. I think that he was controlling.
This track we favored, but McLaren definitely has
advance. It is a little worrying to know that they have evolved in
the year so far,”
, recognized concerned Sainz.

The same problems, virtues similar

, The problems faced by both teams are similar:
engine low power and a chassis that holds up well in the curves.
Hockenheim boasts both things, so it will be vital to get
an adaptation as precise as possible
and maximize the opportunities
that are filed.“I Think (the Hungarian) was a weekend very solid
my part, so I can go to Germany and to close the first half of
season really happy and confident for where we are half
year. Will be the first time that you run at Hockenheim with a car
Formula 1, so I’m really looking forward to the end of
. I am well prepared and I have spent a lot of time in the
simulator, that gives me an idea of what I can expect”

Toro Rosso plans to introduce new parts in Germany, with the
hope to take a step forward that put the team on the
in front of McLaren and, at least, start the summer break
keeping the sixth position.

Daniil Kvyat yes, I raced at Hockenheim in the season of his
premiere, also with Toro Rosso, taking the opportunity of scoring
after qualifying in the eighth square. “The last time I ran
there was in 2014. I qualified eighth, was not so bad, but by
unfortunately I had to leave. It is an interesting circuit, starting
for the curve which is a turn too quickly, which can be quite
complicated in the initial turn”.