GP Germany: The two-stop strategy does not save Williams


Grand Prix of Germany disappointing for the team Williams. The formation of the Grove he saw as the career of Felipe Massa was wrecking on the first lap when Palmer hit the rear tire right from the brazilian. The problems in the FW38 of the brazilian were growing until they had to abandon on lap 36. For its part, Valtteri Bottas opted for a two-stop strategy after winning a couple of positions in the output, a strategy that did not work and made him play the last few laps with the tires on the tarps. Finally, the finn was ninth after being overtaken by Button.

Valtteri catch a race over at least after the completion of a good output. However, a large portion of your options were for earth when it was behind one of the Force India after one of its stops by the garage. So he recognized the pilot himself Finnish: “Our race was going well, until a Force India managed to put in front of us after completing an ‘undercut’. Your strategy of three stops crashed head-on with our two stops. In this aspect, I think we can say that there was something with our strategy and with our calculations on the tires.”

In this aspect, Valtteri Bottas had a final race in which he could hardly keep the FW38 on the track, so lost and very slow until being overtaken by Button in the last instance: “there was No way of getting to the end with our set of tires. The stint that set was too long and definitely cost us some points today. We will have to review what happened to other races”.


For his part, Felipe Massa has had a career-conditional and the
against from the first lap, when Palmer hit the rubber rear
right of the brazilian: “it Is a shame all that happened because someone
hit my rear tire on the first lap. From that moment on the
problems are not left to happen in that area of the car. I don’t know
exactly that happened, but the only thing that I can say that the car is
felt unmanageable”.