GP Germany: Verstappen sends a message: “I don’t care what the other riders say”


The weekend is still very intense, even more out of the track inside. To the numerous changes of rules and their respective reactions, we have to add the echo that still comes from the Hungaroring to the purpose of the pole position of Nico Rosberg, with double-yellow flag and, as no, the defence position of Max Verstappen on Kimi Räikkönen, who finished with the Finnish, damaging his front wing at the moment of impact with the rear of the Red Bull of the Dutch.

in this respect, many pilots have been in favour of sanctioning this type of maneuvers, considering that the changes of direction in the phase of braking are dangerous. Max Verstappen, in contrast, makes sure that you are very unsure of how to act and that what is said by his professional colleagues is not going to make you change your mind.

I don’t care what the other riders have said over the last weekend, I am happy and I have confidence in my riding and how to defend myself, they can talk to me if you want, but I don’t feel any pressure on your part”.

there Have been many changes in the face this weekend, mainly to the restriction of the use of the radio is concerned, are now much less severe. For Verstappen is a very positive, especially in the face of the fans.

“We will have
wait to see how some of the rules but, so
that I’ve heard are not bad. I Think that the rules of radio will be
much better for the fans, you can hear what is
going on and not just listen to the commentator
. I think that the most
quick around the track is within the boundaries of the same,
so I will try to keep me in them”.

Already in the strictly sports, the Dutch hoped to plant the battle to the Mercedes and, especially, Ferrari, especially after the good performance of the race car on long runs, something important in a circuit with hard tyres as Hockenheim.

“(Has been) a good start to the weekend. In the first session I was learning the back with the car, we had a bit of clamping the front that I hope is fixed tomorrow. The second session was good, an evident progress from the first, I continued to aprendiéndome the track and how to use the car here. Everyone knows that this track is very tough with the tyres, so there have been no surprises. we are Not far from Mercedes, we are beating Ferrari and the long runs are very positivas”.


Daniel Ricciardo, for his part, is delighted with the development of the day, highlighting, like its companion, the excellent behavior of the car in race conditions. The australian rider does not rule out, even, fight for victory on Sunday, planting the face of Mercedes at their home race.

“I Enjoy this circuit, it is very well and has fluidity. The
last sector is fun, but it is complicated with the tires.
you Have some curves that seem hard with the rear tires
but then the last sector has many long corners in which
you can damage the front
, so try to balance the
car is never easy”

“I Feel that we state above in the second session, as well
I’m very pleased with where we are now. Seems very tight
with the Mercedes with high fuel loads, thus promises
This afternoon, the run of the race went really well, so if
we can replicate what we have done on Sunday, I think we have
good options in the race”.