GP Germany: Vettel: “There is a plan, the second half of the year will be better”


Hard holiday that we expect members of Ferrari,
they have lost second position in the constructors ‘ championship
just before starting businesses. The team from Maranello started
season with glimpses of something important, and the hope of planting
face to Mercedes, but as the season has gone forward,
has actually finished by presenting a scenario much less
: Red Bull made up ground and superándoles with

about it, Sebastian Vettel acknowledges that the equipment has had to
start again and study the background of the car to understand how
continue with its development
. To do this, there has been another that
use the Great Rewards, in a way, test.

“The last few races have been tough for us, but very,
very helpful, as we have understood many things about our car
and we know what to focus
. It was not entirely clear after the
first few races, but it has become increasingly evident.
Obviously, it is a very hard to find, not being so
competitive as we wanted to, but I think now we know what to do.
it is Not easy to change overnight, but there is a plan and the
second half (of the season) should be stronger for

In regard to the Great Prize of Germany, the balance has been
in the line of the last races, with a performance far
. The Red Bull, even, have been unattainable and Vettel not
has enjoyed his first home race with Ferrari.

“Certainly, I am not happy. Obviously, racing at home is
something special and it was not a race special. I think that we suffer for
to find the right balance in the car, which slid
too, which cost us durability in the tires. In addition,
we were not fast enough.
Unfortunately we
too far away from the cars in front, especially after the two
first relay”.


Kimi Räikkönen felt more comfortable than his companion during
the first two days of Grand Prix, but the race twisted in
the exit and ended up behind Vettel

“it Was a race very boring, not happened too. In the output I was skating and I lost the position to Sebastian. With new tires, the car behaved pretty well, but then I started to have understeer and oversteer, losing grip. In the last relay, we had to save fuel, so there was not much we could do.”

Kimi did not lose hope in the team and encourages everyone to work together and to believe in the recovery. Admits that the car has to improve in all aspects, but believes in the ability of the group.

“Obviously, we have to improve the car in all areas, if you add downforce, you will help us. we All want to do better, and it is painful to see that we are not where we want to, but I believe in the team. We need some time and hard work and we’ll be there. It is important for us to find improvements and work as a group”.

Ferrari has been in the second position of the championship during the first eleven races of the season but, at Hockenheim, has lost that position in favor of Red Bull.