GP Germany: x-ray: as well faced the riders the race in Germany


The first day at Hockenheim was much more calm than usual, with a few outputs of track and two test riders present at the first session: Esteban Ocon with Renault and Charles Leclerc with Haas. The old asphalt of the circuit causes the tires to behave in a way very different to the Hungaroring, so that the teams used more time than usual in order to evaluate them.

The classification brought us what has been the standard pattern of the last few races, with the Mercedes ahead of him and the Red Bull as the main opponents, although in this occasion, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen are somewhat more optimistic about their chances of victory. Those who have very complicated even rate will be the Spanish riders, which they saw as the Q3 is turned on mission impossible in a circuit that requires a powerful engine.

below, we review a pilot to pilot the highlight of your weekend.


Lewis Hamilton

Friday: The car runs well and the track retains its character with the asphalt old, which is quite bumpy. The car behaves well.

Saturday: He placed first in his initial attempt, but made a mistake in the second, and Rosberg beat him.

Nico Rosberg

Friday: The behaviour of the tyres is completely different than that of Hungary, as a result of old asphalt.

Saturday: Had a problem with an electronic problem with the throttle and had to abort its first attempt, what made it made its second lap with more fuel.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
HAM 1:15.843 (2nd) 1:16.008 (1) 30+36 1:15.795 (2nd) 19 1:15.243 (1) 1:14.748 (1) 1:14.470 (2nd)
ROS 1:15.517 (1) 1:15.614 (1) 32+43 1:15.738 (1) 16 1:15.485 (2nd) 1:14.839 (2nd) 1:14.363 (1)


Sebastian Vettel

Friday: Good start, but still needs to improve. The soft tyres last for quite a lot in this track.

Saturday: Dissatisfaction because the car has gotten worse since Friday and is not able to extract the best out of the car.

Kimi Räikkönen

Friday: a Day without problems, the work programme was completed without complications.

Saturday: a disappointing Result because the car was good, although had some minor problem on the last attempt with the tires. Lack of downforce.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
VET 1:16.667 (3rd) 1:16.208 (3rd) 29+39 1:16.104 (5th) 20 1:15.927 (6th) 1:15.630 (9th) 1:15.315 (6th)
RAI 1:16.852 (4th) 1:16.512 (6th) 23+45 1:15.902 (4th) 16 1:15.752 (4th) 1:15.242 (4th) 1:15.142 (5th)


Valtteri Bottas

Friday: a Day in which to analyze the tires and different front wings has been the main objective.

Saturday: Think that might have been seventh without the traffic that was found in Q3, but is very satisfied with the behaviour of the car and the tires.

Felipe Massa

Friday: a Lot of complications with the tires and the setup still cannot find the right way to make them work.

Saturday: Very happy with his return, except for an error in the curve 12.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
BOT 1:18.210 (12th) 1:17.425 (13th) 37+44 1:16.400 (7th) 28 1:15.952 (7th) 1:15.490 (5th) 1:15.530 (8th)
MORE 1:18.322 (13th) 1:17.686 (15th) 33+40 1:16.630 (8th) 26 1:16.503 (15th) 1:15.699 (10th) 1:15.615 (10th)

Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo

Friday: The third sector is very hard with the front tires, but the race pace of the car is fantastic.

Saturday: Did a first lap of Q3 excellent and risked in the second, but it did not go well. Think you will be able to plant face to the Mercedes in the race.

Max Verstappen

Friday: Very hopeful with the race pace of the car, very consistent and fast.

Saturday: he Lost some time in the third sector, but is very satisfied with the behaviour of the car and hopes to get a podium.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
RIC 1:17.089 (6th) 1:16.490 (5th) 30+38 1:15.837 (3rd) 13 1:15.591 (3rd) 1:15.545 (7th) 1:14.726 (3rd)
SEE 1:16.927 (5th) 1:16.456 (4th) 29+40 1:16.182 (6th) 23 1:15.875 (5th) 1:15.124 (3rd) 1:14.834 (4th)

Force India

Sergio Perez

Friday: Surprising good performance of the medium compound, they have more games than the other teams.

Saturday: he Had problems in his last attempt in Q3 with the right hand corners, perhaps motivated by some rest that get stuck in any part of the car.

Nico Hülkenberg

Friday: Spent much of the first session in use of the pneumatic medium, through the soft and superblando in the afternoon. Very hopeful with the behavior of the car.

Saturday: Sanctioned with a position on the grid for having used in ranking a set of tires that had to be returned to Pirelli at the Free 3. Very satisfied with the performance of the car.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
PER 1:18.628 (16th) 1:17.148 (9th) 29+44 1:17.066 (12th) 10 1:16.169 (9th) 1:15.500 (6th) 1:15.537 (9th)
HUL 1:18.591 (15th) 1:16.781 (7th) 35+43 1:16.972 (10th) 16 1:16.301 (11th) 1:15.623 (8th) 1:15.510 (7th)


Kevin Magnussen

Friday: a Promising Friday. Will try to improve the management of the tire superblando and the balance in the phase of braking.

Saturday: Dissatisfaction with his return, though he trusts that the best race pace of the car will allow him to gain positions.

Jolyon Palmer

Friday: Gave his car to Esteban Ocon in the first session. The second was good, although had a small problem with the address.

Saturday: Went to the Q2 and expects to be able to score points in race,

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Rows Q1 Q2 Q3
MAG 1:18.933 (18th) 1:18.056 (17th) 35+46 1:17.351 (15th) 9 1:16.716 (17º)
PAL 1:18.313 (20th) 47 1:17.473 (16th) 23 1:16.636 (16th) 1:16.655 (16th)

Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat

Friday: Day very quiet, and without compicaciones, the car behaves well.

Saturday: he Lost the references for braking, made mistakes and was eliminated in Q1. Very demoralized.

Carlos Sainz

Friday: The car is going well, but need to find more speed to keep the pace of the progression of the rest of the teams. The new evolution of the car is going well.

Saturday: Think you did a good lap, but the car can’t offer much more at this time.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
KVY 1:18.008 (9th) 1:17.367 (12th) 25+38 1:17.227 (14th) 19 1:16.876 (19º)
SAI 1:18.044 (10th) 1:17.342 (11th) 22+32 1:17.028 (11th) 20 1:16.317 (12th) 1:15.989 (13º)


Marcus Ericsson

Friday: The new rear wing is already starting to function properly.

Saturday: Satisfied with the behaviour of the car, but in qualifying missing a lot of speed.

Felipe Nasr

Friday: Many problems with the behaviour of the car, it is very difficult to drive and the tyres do not work properly.

Saturday: Had the feeling of doing a back very good, but the time did not come out because the car has no more speed.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ERI 1:18.198 (11th) 1:18.130 (18th) 28+28 1:17.685 (17th) 19 1:17.238 (22º)
NAS 1:18.961 (19th) 1:19.295 (22nd) 22+41 1:18.057 (18th) 24 1:17.123 (21º)


Fernando Alonso

Friday: The second session was a step backwards from the first, you need to review the changes made.

Saturday: complained of the traffic in Q2, but acknowledge that the car did not have enough pace as to enter among the first ten.

Jenson Button

Friday: Had to go to the medical center after feeling discomfort for a small piece of carbon fiber on one of her eyes. Everything was fixed and you can continue with the weekend.

Saturday: was Not able to test the superblandos in the third practice session and, although pleased with the outcome, recognizes that the balance of the car is still not the ideal.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ALO 1:17.183 (7th) 1:17.225 (10th) 18+21 1:16.916 (9th) 11 1:16.338 (14th) 1:16.041 (14th)
BUT 1:17.612 (8th) 1:17.087 (8th) 15+16 1:18.093 (19th) 6 1:16.172 (10th) 1:15.909 (12º)


Pascal Wehrlein

Friday: he Did his best time with soft tyres, so is not representative. Happy with the car and its progression.

Saturday: Happy to be ranked ahead of the Sauber and a Toro Rosso. Lose a half second in the last sector due to lack of downforce.

Rio Haryanto

Friday: The soft compound and the superblando work very differently, it will be difficult to choose in the race. The car runs good and has improved during the day.

Saturday: Happy with the work done, the car behaves consistently.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
WEH 1:19.975 (22nd) 1:18.193 (19th) 33+42 1:18.270 (20th) 24 1:16.717 (18º)
HAR 1:19.167 (21st) 1:18.591 (21st) 34+47 1:18.272 (21st) 18 1:16.977 (20º)


Romain Grosjean

Friday: A water leak caused him to lose time on track in the second session. Are trying different tuning and good understanding of the behaviour of the tyres.

Saturday: Had to replace the gearbox after a track output in the third session free. All was well in Q1, but the good feelings disappeared in the next session.

Esteban Gutierrez

Friday: Gave his car to Charles Leclerc in the first session. After the mechanical problem of your companion, performed the analysis of the two compounds softer in terms of career to have data of both simulations.

Saturday: Very pleased with the classification, the behaviour of the car and or have been close to get into Q3.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
GRO 1:18.589 (14th) 1:17.602 (14th) 20+13 1:25.160 (22nd) 4 1:16.328 (13th) 1:16.086 (15º)
GUT 1:18.005 (16th) 42 1:17.160 (13th) 17 1:15.987 (8th) 1:15.883 (11th)

The decisions of the commissioners

  • Mercedes is punished with a€ 1,000 per outlet reckless of Lewis Hamilton in the Free 3.
  • Romain Grosjean is punished with five positions on the grid to replace the gearbox before the end of the cycle of six races.
  • Carlos Sainz is punished with three positions on the grid and two points on your license for disturbing Felipe Massa.
  • Nico Hülkenberg is charged with a position on the grid for use in classification a set of tires that had to be returned to Pirelli after the Free 3.

The tyres available for the race


The chronicles of the Grand Prize