GP Great Britain: Alonso: “Everything is fine with the new power unit”


it Is difficult to catalogue of promising a Friday in the heart of the team McLaren, since during the qualifying session do not find that ‘extra’ need to be in front, but what is certain is that the start of the GP of Great Britain has been positive for the structure of Woking. The two tokens spent by Honda in its power unit seems to have its effect and although none of the drivers dare to quantify this improvement of power. However, Fernando Alonso has been installed among the top ten in both sessions, with a remarkable time in FP2.

53 laps completed Alonso during the day on Friday at Silverstone, certifying a regularity that has not been found in other Great Prizes. Be that as it may, perhaps the most prominent has been 1:33.040 marked in FP2, time that has served to finish in sixth position just 1.3 seconds from the reference time of Hamilton: it All feels well with the new power unit. With luck, the engineers will be able to look at the data to verify the reliability for the rest of the weekend. Jenson had problems in FP2, but we need to avoid any kind of breakdown”.

“We often happens that we have had a good performance during the Friday, but then it costs us to extract more performance out of the car during the day of Saturday” has explained a Fernando Alonso has kept his speech, cautious: “Even so, we have managed to get into Q3 in the last two races, so we will try to repeat it again tomorrow. Makes a lot of wind in this track, and this fact along with the forecast of rain for tomorrow, you can make it very difficult for the whole world”.


Jenson Button has had a day’s more complicated, every time that has had mechanical problems during the day. Despite this, the pace of the british has been as promising as the one of Alonso, completing 44 laps and setting a best record 1:33.763:We have had a session difficult in the afternoon because I did a lap in the beginning of the session and then we had a problem, so I had to be in the box for half an hour. Then I went out, I completed another lap and I had another problem. at The end I was only able to score a good time in the last few minutes of the session“.

“we Hope that the problems we have found today are solved for tomorrow and we can get a consistent pace. I Think it’s going to be difficult to get into Q3, but if we have some third-party free good, I think that will help that can improve our luck in classification” explains Jenson Button. The british at least showed the consolation of the good paper joined by his companion: Fernando found a very good pace today, so tomorrow I hope that my car equipped with the new components may be the height and be a little more competitive”.