GP Great Britain: Alonso: “My victories at Silverstone are very special”


For all of the team McLaren, the Grand Prix of Great Britain
we are celebrating this weekend is, possibly, the event more
special of the season. Fernando Alonso is no stranger to this, among
other things for their two victories, three pole positions and six podiums. In addition,
Alonso highlighted what sastisfactorio that it is to drive in a circuit
so fast and can squeeze the truth of the potential of
a Formula 1.

“The Grand Prix of Great Britain is one of the moments
highlights of the season of any pilot. The fans know so much
and they are very fair, and the circuit provides challenges fantastic at high
speeds. Is one of the few places where the pilot can run
no ties, because in Silverstone notes of truth the grip
aerodynamic. That makes it very satisfying to ride
. This
it is also the home race for McLaren, a lot of people of the
factory comes to the circuit to see us, that is special. It would be
fantastic to get a good result for them”.

“My victories at Silverstone are very special. Both
they were exciting races and I will never forget the welcome that
I got some of the fans when I walked up to the podium
. It was
fantastic and it is that generosity toward all pilots, not just
the british, what makes this race a special atmosphere”.

“From the performance point of view, it is important that
overcome the week-end cleanly, without problems and
efficient. We have had a couple of runs complicated, but also
there has been genuine glimpses of our progress. I Want to progress
throughout Friday and Saturday to deliver a performance the
Sunday that justifies all of our efforts
. We can do it and
it would be a great reward for the whole team to overcome this point
turning in front of thousands of fans of McLaren-Honda”.

Jenson Button is british and, although it has fifteen victories
in his achievements, none of them has occurred in Silverstone,
something that still wants to get.

“I’ve been to Silverstone since I have memory. I ran there in
karts, in Formula Ford, Formula 3 and, of course, in the
Formula 1 in these past sixteen years. Is a circuit
wonderful and the british fans are something of another world. I have
supported a lot in my career, both in good times as in the
, and for this reason I am very grateful”.

“The fast corners are very fun. Whatever the
level of competitiveness of your car, you smile as you spend a Copse,
Maggotts and Becketts so fast is that area. Silverstone is
one of the best times of the year for me
. The podium of the
Grand Prix of Great Britain is at the top of my list
tasks to be done. I have gotten almost all that I had
as proposed in Formula 1, but I’ve never been on the podium at the
Silverstone. I want to do and be as a victorious power
to achieve this”.

“The result of Austria motivates all the world and lift
our expectations. It would be great to get that podium this
year, but being realistic, I see that it will not be possible in this
occasion. But I’m going to Silverstone feeling very encouraged by
our progress and so that we can accomplish as a team when
the variables are shaken and the teams have to improvise.
we Can
to do great things. Needless to say, I will give everything this weekend
at Silverstone”.

Honda is working to bring an evolution in the engine
Silverstone, a circuit in which the power and the management of the
consumption are important. So says Yusuke Hasegawa, which is very
aware of the importance of this race for McLaren.

“The Grand Prix of Great Britain needs no introduction.
Race is one of the oldest and iconic of the calendar of the
Formula 1. It is also one of the most difficult races, has
the reputation of being one of the few circuits of motor
calendar. The track is long and without unevenness, it can be demanding in terms of
power and fuel consumption
. Without a doubt, this will create a
intense battle in the peloton, but I think that both in Baku
Austria we learned that we are progressing as a team, and that depends on
of us extract the maximum performance out of the car at the end of each