GP Great Britain: analysis: the keys of the GP of Great Britain


A race with the rain as the protagonist always gives rise to great deeds and sound failures. In the case of Silverstone, the liquid element is not appeared during the race, but did so with force before, providing a first half of the Grand Prix clearly defined by the wet asphalt.

In it, there were two riders who stood out above the rest: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The first to assert a leadership solid and the second opening way to a second place that came to lose with the track dry, but finally recovered after the penalty to Nico Rosberg.

Ferrari has reasons to worry, because Red Bull is dangerously near in the constructors ‘ championship, something that could happen also to a computer Williams, who for a number of careers, is ceding ground with Force India.




After the disaster of Austria, Mercedes has managed to enderazar the situation. Not only has it shown that it still remains the single most complete a circuit on which Red Bull could threaten them, but that it has also managed to calm the internal tension and, at least, to appear normal among their pilots.

the engine is the best of the grill is not no secret, but the chassis came with and in what way. In the second sector of Silverstone, where aerodynamics is everything, Mercedes continued to be the reference, even ahead of the Red Bull -although, yes, by some margin-that. In short, Mercedes managed to save a weekend very complicated at all levels. And he did it with note.

Max Verstappen


Since he ascended to Red Bull for five races, only Lewis Hamilton has achieved more points than Max in the championship, even ahead of Nico Rosberg by nine points. It is true that it is costing you to get the maximum out of the car in qualifying, something that the computer itself recognizes this, but at Silverstone it was perfect even in that sense.

even Though your companion does not accompany the luck in the career, it is certain that the pace of Max, both in wet and dry conditions, was much higher. To do anything, Ricciardo bordered on perfection race after race, but the pressure that he is putting Max seems to begin to make a dent in it. Or, perhaps, simply Max is better. Time will tell.

Force India


we Speak very often in the the efficiency of this equipment with the resources you have at your disposal, but it is still not enough. Because what Force India gets, year after year, is to be overcome. And, in large measure, is thanks to weekends like Silverstone, where the situation was not overly favorable, but they managed to pull forward a result very helpful.

If Williams still in free-fall, Force India will build on and, although the fifth place finish would be an achievement, the fourth would be worthy of challenge to Mercedes the honorary title of best team of the season.

Carlos Sainz


Failed Spanish in Abbey, the curve that was ahead almost the entire grill when the track was still wet around a narrow lane coincident with the scribed.

A minor error, given the circumstances, which made him lose two positions, but that should not tarnish his recovery over the weekend. The car went wrong on Friday, but turned that into a seventh place on the grid and, with the damp runway, a sixth position for several laps. It is obvious that Carlos should be unpolished still a number of things, but it is also true that its progress is palpable and that is, without any doubt, the leader of Toro Rosso.




The errors of its two pilots have been many this weekend, something that, in the case of Sebastian Vettel, is worrying. The German is looking to be swept away by the misfortune and failures, but leaving all of that in the margin, your deck has completely lost it that consistency to which we had accustomed until now.

Red Bull is lurking and is now only six points in the overall standings of the championship. Given the circumstances, is troubling. In Silverstone, Ferrari was completely overwhelmed by the austrian team and in the race, nothing worked as it should. With problems to manage the tires and an aerodynamic package clearly inferior to that of Mercedes and Red Bull, the team of Maranello only pays in power circuits and traction above all (what of the reliability and the recurrent problem of the gearbox, leave it for another day). Luckily for them, the majority of the circuits on the calendar are as well thanks to Tilke, but that does not prevent us from seeing the limitations of a computer starts to get used to the mediocrity. is too hard? Is that we are talking about Ferrari.



Or the comfort of the pit stops you have left already to Williams, who ceased to be the fastest computer for the first time this year, and even came to have problems with one of the wheels of Massa at his first stop.

But, anecdotes aside, what is worrying is that the trend down continues. Williams has always had a deficit of downforce remarkable, but this year it starts to be too much. Or a measly point were Silverstone, putting in danger the fourth place in the championship. It is difficult to retrieve the prestige when you have a car that only pays in very specific circumstances because, it’s not just for aerodynamics, is that the problems with the tyres start to be the norm habitual.



The weekend of Woking has been disappointing. It is true that Fernando Alonso is his brilliance in Q3 and that, in the race, shot put in the points for a few laps. But output track removed that possibility and his pace in the dry is not very promising.

McLaren gives the hit rating. But, in general, their careers are not as encouraging, and the car, at a circuit where aerodynamics is the most important thing, not the end of taking a step forward. Yes, the comparison with the past season indicates a great step forward. And yes, Fernando Alonso does not lie when it highlights the remarkable evolution of the team with regard to 2015. The question is, what was acceptable what of 2015? And, therefore, why so much merit is that McLaren is, at this time, and in the global of the season, the seventh best team in the grill? If I interfere with my opinion, I will tell you that no, not much menos.



That Renault is going to go bad from here to the end of the season is obvious and that the result of Silverstone is not a surprise, also. But both cars leave for the same reason (problems with the gearbox), it should not be acceptable in any computer of the grill.

Because one thing is to have a slow car and that there is no solution (nor worth intetarlo) and the other is that the reliability is played this way. Renault has an ambitious plan and in a reasonable time. And, personally, I am confident that they will return to the podium and to win races. But it must not be allowed to drop so low.

The flash


Max Verstappen is fast we all know from a long time ago. What used to put in doubt the Dutch is their maturity. Well, he is learning in leaps and bounds and, in Silverstone, came back to show one of the characteristics of great pilots: their intelligence when defending the position. Without movements dirty or erratic. With a neatness and effectiveness is very remarkable.

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Nico Rosberg had the advantage, because his Mercedes was significantly faster in the dry. The German knew how to be patient and not commit the error of forcing a overtaking to cause an incident. Max, for his part, defended at all times as it should, protecting the interior when it was necessary and requiring Rosberg to be used, and think of how to gain enough speed in the straight line of the Hangar to not have to wait to the braking, where Verstappen was impregnable. Both gave us one of the best moments of the race.

The technical detail


Silverstone is always a great test to see what cars shine level aerodynamic. this is Not is to know who has the greater burden, but what cars are the most efficient.

The second sector is very esclarecedor in that sense, and Mercedes was faster than Red Bull over the weekend. For a little bit, but what was, perhaps, taking advantage of the increased power of your engine on the two straight lines that accompany the fast curves of this sector.

it Is often said that the key of a Mercedes lies in its propeller, but what is certain is that the car in set is brilliant. Maybe if Red Bull had an engine with a power output similar to that of the germans, could afford to download something over the car to level and aerodynamic, then yes, prove that your chassis is the best of the grill. It would not be by much, in any case.

The dark area


Nico Rosberg won on the track in a second position at Silverstone, But he did so, in part, thanks to the help of your engineer. Six laps from the end, when the German had already left behind Max Verstappen and saw the Mercedes was engaged in the seventh speed. immediately notified the engineer, who quickly explained how he should fix it through the steering wheel controls.

In Baku, both Rosberg as Hamilton had a similar problem, in that case loss of power, and their respective engineers were not lent them a helping hand because the rules forbid it. In Austria, Sergio Perez went off track in the last lap because he was left without brakes and your engineer could not tell because the regulation prohibits it.

On this occasion, it is very likely that Mercedes will assess whether compensated for risking a penalty in exchange for avoiding an abandonment. And, in view of the events, the bet went well. You can argue if it is cheap, breaking the rules and also if you have sense regulations so restrictive that gets to be a danger to pilots.

In any case, the FIA has made it clear that it will apply the regulation without exception, and Nico has been the first to suffer. Now it remains to be seen if, when encountering a similar situation, other teams decide it’s worth skipping the rules.