GP Great Britain: Disappointing race for Ferrari in Great Britain


Arrivabene warned when you arrive at Silverstone that he was going to be a challenging Grand Prix for Ferrari, even though you may not have expected so much. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkonen have closed one of the worst races of the season for the Italian team and not only by results but also by feelings. Kimi Räikkönen finished fifth at Silverstone, while Sebastian Vettel was ninth, clearly burdened by his mistake in the race and by the penalty of five positions on the grid. However, what is of more concern to the Italian team, is that neither wet nor dry-they were at the height of Mercedes and Red Bull.

Sebastian Vettel started conditioned by a new fault in the exchange that dropped him back five places on the grid. In this aspect, the German acknowledged the difficulty of the race: “it Has been a hard day, but we are confident in our team and give back to all of this. The call from the team to pit was logical, but my spin didn’t help, and all the advantage had disappeared again. The pity is that in the end it has made a big difference because I was trying to overtake Massa. In fact, I was surprised by how little grip they had at that point“.

Trying to take the positive side, Vettel reasoned: “Now we have to understand that we have lost, because there are a lot of things to learn from a weekend with this. It is evident that today we were not as competitive as in other races, but at least we have added some points. Has been the only race in which we have not been able to beat Red Bull in terms of race pace. Things may be different in a period of two weeks, but that is not an excuse. We have to go forward and understand why we have taken a step backwards”.


With a better exit position, Kimi Räikkönen had a career more quiet, although this did not translate into a higher rate, or in terms of the wet nor with the dry track: “During the first part of the race the conditions were quite complicated, the visibility at some points was very pobretenía very little grip with the tires wet. I tried to go rápid as I could, but it only came out a couple of times. With the tyres the thing has improved a bit, but it wasn’t easy“.

In line with this, Räikkönen acknowledged: From Friday, we realized that it was going to be a weekend difficult. Today we tried to give our maximum, but we didn’t have the speed to fight against the riders in front of me. In this type of conditions would need a higher level of downforce and grip, something that we have not been benefited. I Am sure that in Hungary it will be much easier for all of us. I hope that the story will be different, that we don’t have similar problems to this weekend and that everything goes back to normal”.