GP Great Britain: Hamilton puts Silverstone on foot


The rain was present during the first part of the morning
but the pavement remained dry until twenty minutes before the start
the Grand Prix in Silverstone. it Was at that moment when the clouds began to
download with force, something that, along with the wind, complicated the
things exponentially
and caused confusion in the
grill, in which he had to make important decisions with
quickly. Little served to return it to stop raining for ten minutes
later, as the track was completely wet and Charlie
Whiting took the decision to leave behind the car
something that forced the riders to start the race with
on extreme wet tyres.

wait behind the safety car

With the sun illuminating a great part of the route, the car
security the march began with 22 cars behind, something that
was delayed for five laps
and after several messages
pilots warning that the track was already to mount tires
intermediate. And so it was, for many pilots, including
were Räikkönen, Alonso and Sainz, came to the pits to
change the tires. While, Lewis Hamilton was leading and Max
Verstappen was pushing Nico Rosberg, something that also did Sergio
Perez, Daniel Ricciardo.

In a single lap, Hamilton took 3.7 seconds to Rosberg and
Ricciardo came into the pits, something that also decided to make Jenson Button. The australian took to the track just in front of Kimi
Räikkönen, while was produced in the first abandonment of the race
off track Pascal Wehrlein
, something that produced the car
virtual security.

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taking Advantage of that situation, and went the rest of the riders yet
not had changed to intermediate tyres, with Lewis Hamilton
the head. After the chaos of the pit stops, Hamilton was leading ahead
Rosberg, Verstappen, Perez, Ricciardo, Räikkönen, Sainz, Massa,
Bottas and Hülkenberg, who closed the points positions. Fernando Alonso was eleventh and Sebastian Vettel rode behind the pilot

Soon he re-launched the race and, while Alonso was pushing to
Hülkenberg, Hamilton continued to gain ground on Rosberg, taking
nearly five seconds ahead on the ninth lap.

The group formed by Bottas, Hülkenberg and Alonso offered
show for a few laps, but the finn ended
making a spinning top on the curve 10, allowing the Spanish McLaren
getting into the points positions
. While Marcus Ericsson went
pit to drop out due to engine problems, Max Verstappen is
consolidated itself as the fastest rider on the track -with permission of Lewis Hamilton, although without being able to
overtake Nico Rosberg. The radii of the engineers remembered to
all the riders that the track was drying out and had to pamper the
intermediate tyres to count as well with more room to maneuver
at the strategic level.

Time of slick

Soon the track began to dry out, bathed by the sun and swept
for the twenty cars that still rolled on the asphalt. In the
lap 15, Sebastian Vettel was the first to bet on the
smooth tires, putting the medium compound
. The German shooting
the eleventh square, and didn’t have much to lose. While, Verstappen
followed by pressing to Rosberg, getting him finally in
the entrance to the straight of the Hangar so bright
. Almost
immediately, Räikkönen, Massa, Kvyat and Bottas among others, also
came into the pits to put the dry tires.

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The Mercedes, Ricciardo, Sainz and Alonso came in the next
back to do the same operation, leaving Max Verstappen as
leader of the race at the time that the Dutch marked the return
fast. The first to suffer the consequences of the bet by the
dry tyre was the own Vettel
, which was out of track and
then he spun, falling to the twelfth square.

Max Verstappen entered the pits on lap 19, putting
also the medium compound and out to the track in second place
with several seconds of margin over Nico Rosberg, while the Haas of
Romain Grosjean ended up parked to one side of the track. Carlos Sainz kept the seventh place, but Fernando Alonso lost three
squares and get back to being eleven, even though after a track output
of Daniil Kvyat returned to be placed within the points
pressing with force the Williams of Felipe Massa who, in an attempt to
of overtaking of the Spanish, fllegó even get to the grass
with half a car in a desperate attempt to win the position, something
not got for the moment.

Meanwhile, Verstappen reduced gradually the disadvantage with
Lewis Hamilton, the conscious self, answered with the return
fast on lap 21, keeping seven seconds on the
that, in turn kept a little more than two on Rosberg.

Abbey, a nightmare

Kimi Räikkönen made his second mistake, going off track
on lap 24, something that allowed Carlos Sainz to be placed sixth.
But, in that same instant, Fernando Alonso went off track and,
although he was able to return to the asphalt, what did losing three positions. Without
time to recover from the shock, Carlos Sainz also lost the
control of the car
in Abbey, trompeando and being
advance for Räikkönen and Hülkenberg.

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With Ricciardo unable to follow the rhythm of the head, the race
it started to become a duel to the three bands, with Hamilton
leading Verstappen and Rosberg, the only drivers capable of
roll in 1:37
. But the leader lost control of his Mercedes,
going off the track at Abbey -the same place you are
they left the two Spanish riders-, but preserving the lead with three second margin.
In the next round it was the turn of Max Verstappen, who also did not
lost the position, but began to be hard pressed by
Rosberg. At the time, Sebastian Vettel ahead of Daniil Kvyat and
standing in the points
after 29 laps completed.


With the vicinity of the drawn increasingly dry, Lewis
Hamilton began to raise the pace, getting down to 1:36 on lap 31
increasing the advantage over Verstappen to six seconds, and leaving the
Red Bull’s most outstanding contain to Rosberg who you go to
by Hamilton. Behind, Ricciardo increased the pace to catch
air on Perez -who also went off at Abbey-, Räikkönen,
Hulkenberg, Sainz, Massa and Vettel, the drivers who drove in the zone of

During the following laps, Nico Rosberg tried to overtake
Max Verstappen of all the possible ways, but the pilot Network
Bull is defended with the skill of a pilot veteran.
Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton managed his advantage by increasing the
distance without haste, but without pause
. Further back, Vettel overtook
Massa, by the ninth position, while forcing the brazilian to
out of track to avoid contact. This maneuver will be worth a five-second penalty added to his final time. Immediately after,
Rosberg managed to overtake finally Verstappen, taking advantage of the
power of the Mercedes engine and DRS at the end of the straight line of the Hangar.

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Hamilton vs. Rosberg

Advance Verstappen, was made possible by the highly anticipated duel:
the two pilots Mercedes. It didn’t take Rosberg to score two laps
quick succession, now with a clear track. Both were separated
by seven seconds on lap 40, but Nico continued with a rhythm
infernal while Hamilton suffered with the bent. Sainz maintained
the eighth square by rolling a little more than two-second of the Force India
, while Alonso -now with its second stop completed-,
it was on the thirteenth place with the Williams of Massa by
before and Bottas behind.

With less than ten laps to the end of the race, the attention
we concentrate on three main fronts. On the one hand, Hamilton and
Rosberg, who traded fastest laps. For another, Perez
defending themselves from Räikkönen with a few tires quite
gradients. And, behind them, Hülkenberg doing the same with
the Toro Rosso of carlos Sainz.

Lewis Hamilton is dedicated to control perfectly to Nico
Rosberg and, when the German started to have problems with the box
changes, the race was hearing for sentencing
. Max Verstappen not
hesitate to approach looking into the possibility of getting the second
square, with only five laps to the end of the Grand Prix.

While Max approached the Mercedes, Räikkönen overtook
finally Sergio Perez, while Carlos Sainz lost ground
with the companion of the mexican Force India. The pace of Rosberg
turned out to be competitive with only three laps from the end of the
race, clocking 1:37.355, but seeing their rear-view mirrors to
Max Verstappen, who had come down to 1:36.689. At that time was
to know that Nico Rosberg was under investigation for having been
informed by radio
on how toor solve their problems with the
seventh gear.

Nico Rosberg even more increased the rhythm and kept the second place finish, minimizing the damage of the placid victory that got Lewis Hamilton before his public, he snapped with his idol. Max Verstappen completed the podium so bright and with a wide margin over his team-mate. Finally, Carlos Sainz crossed the finish line eighth and Fernando Alonso thirteenth.

in spite of everything, it remains to determine what will be decided by the commissioners in relation to the investigation into Nico Rosberg, something that could lead to a change of leader in the world.

times Table Race Grand Prix Bretaña

Pos. Piloto Dorsal Equipo Tiempo Laps
1 Gran Bretaña Lewis Hamilton 44 Mercedes GANADOR 52
2 Alemania Nico Rosberg 6 Mercedes +6.911 52
3 Países Bajos Max Verstappen 33 Network Bull +8.250 52
4 Australia Daniel Ricciardo 3 Network Bull +26.211 52
5 Finlandia Kimi Raikkonen 7 Ferrari +69.743 52
6 México Sergio Perez 11 Force India +76.941 52
7 Alemania Nico Hulkenberg 27 Force India +77.712 52
8 España Carlos Sainz 55 Toro Rosso +85.858 52
9 Alemania Sebastian Vettel 5 Ferrari +91.654 52
10 Rusia Daniil Kvyat 26 Toro Rosso +92.600 52
11 Brasil Felipe Massa 19 Williams +1L 51
12 Gran Bretaña Jenson Button 22 McLaren +1L 51
13 España Fernando Alonso 14 McLaren +1L 51
14 Finlandia Valtteri Bottas 77 Williams +1L 51
15 Brasil Felipe Nasr 12 Sauber +1L 51
16 México Esteban Gutiérrez 21 Haas F1 Team +1L 51
Ret Dinamarca Kevin Magnussen 20 Renault 0
Ret Gran Bretaña Jolyon Palmer 30 Renault 0
Ret Indonesia Rio Haryanto 88 Manor F1 0
Ret Francia Romain Grosjean 8 Haas F1 Team 0
Ret Suecia Marcus Ericsson 9 Sauber 0
Ret Alemania Pascal Wehrlein 94 Manor F1 0