GP Great Britain: Hamilton: “We are free to compete, it does not change anything”


The official press conference of the FIA, Lewis Hamilton has
taken part, has clearly been led by the subject of the
team orders
that, for the moment, Mercedes has no intention
to impose their two drivers: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

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Mercedes issued a press release before the press conference in the
which asserted that no efforts would be made, but that had been
established limits and conditions, and which, if exceeded,
implemented by such team orders, clarifying the fate of
the situation was in the hands of the pilots. In this regard, Hamilton
was blunt. “Honestly, fate has always been in
our hands. Does not change anything. We still have the possibility of
compete, which is positive. There are No team orders, I think it is
fantastic for the fans, so that all the world should
be happy”
, said at a press conference.

Hamilton believes that it can continue to compete in the same way that
what has been done so far, even with maneuvers controversial as
the that has suffered in the past with his partner in Austin, Suzuka or
Canada, in which there was no accident, but a certain tension.
“Unfortunately, everything that has been said is private and
confidential. We still have permission to compete… in all these
racing, the stewards felt that they were race situations,
so still compete as well”
, ensuring that, if he was a boss
team, I would like to “view
to my riders, to compete.
I’m here for the racing. I think that we have had few accidents
in comparison with successful careers and doublets that we have

The three-time English defend their decisions within the car,
commenting on that, when you perform a maneuver, “analyze the weaknesses
the car in front and my strengths.
Planning and implementation take up a lot of instinct. Calculating your
possibilities of overtaking. Sometimes they are 100%, other times less,
but as pilots sometimes
do it even when there is
less likely. If you don’t
we do, we are not pilots”