GP Great Britain: Honda works for improvements at Silverstone


Honda still has twelve tokens to develop their engine and such
and as confirmed by Yusuke Hasegawa last month, the development has
past-focus on improving the power levels of the engine

During the last season there were multiple problems
reliability, but also to the time of energy recovery and
transform it into available power. Since then, he worked in
fix that. Now, both the MGU-K (energy recovery system
kinetics), as the MGU-H (energy recovery system heat) seem to
be at a level similar to that of their rivals
and Honda wants to recover
ground in terms of raw power is concerned.

Hasegawa recently stated that they intended to introduce
to improve throughout the season and, after the new turbo Canada,
might be getting a new evolution this week at Silverstone.
In statements to Motorsport, Hasegawa states that, “in the
are ready (the improvements) we will implement, might even be
in Silverstone. I don’t have yet the information and I have to
check that we can do it. Could be next weekend,
really in each race I am hoping to be able to introduce a new
, said Hasegawa.

“Since we put the new turbo, we have improved”

there is, therefore, a marked calendar, but rather a
methodology of ongoing work that, in terms of results, it is
moved to the competition. “To create enough power
we spend a little of the power of the engine in the exhaust and
we sacrifice something with the new turbine. I think that, since we
the new turbo, we improved. In Canada and Baku, we were also
competitive from the point of view of power. We are back to
a normal circuit and that is the reason why we’ve shown that
our updates have worked well”

Fernando Alonso had to leave for the fourth time this season,
on this occasion, due to a failure in the battery that prevented store
energy and, therefore, deliver full power to the propeller. Jenson Button, in contrast, finished sixth after a great career,
yes, he lost positions after starting third on the grid and
be placed second after the first curve.