GP Great Britain: Lewis Hamilton: “The best weekend of the entire year!”


After a week of very complicated and busy, Mercedes has enjoyed a weekend of serene and successful in Silverstone, which in principle had culminated with his third double of the year and the first since the obtained in Sochi in the month of April. Unfortunately, the German team failed to get rid of all of the controversy, because the subsequent investigation Nico Rosberg.

In the first place of the podium, Lewis Hamilton remained totally oblivious to it. The british driver dominated at home with total authority, without being threatened at any time by Rosberg or Max Verstappen. On the podium, and commented that the track conditions were the cause of the exit of track that almost make him crash into the safety car, and stated an ode to the hundreds of fans that were cheering in the circuit.

¡The best weekend of the whole year! could Not believe it began to rain at the beginning, I thought: `are you serious?`. I could not see the Safety Car, was going pretty slow and my rear brakes were lagging too cold, so that I tried to heat them up, and I knew, I was going directly towards it! Thank God you can turn. Luckily, everything went well from there, and I felt great in the wet conditions. Our performance this weekend has been awesome. The engineers and mechanics have done a great job”.

“it Is absolutely mind-boggling. I mean, where do they all come from? Nothing of what we see in other countries are about even, and it just shows the passion the british have for the sport, regardless of the time. it’s raining and these guys are how “Yes, we love it!” This is more than what you could dream of, really. When I was younger I did not see the other things that come to be a Formula 1 driver, was delighted with the racing, and it was not until I grew up when I started to understand it. I’m trying to take advantage of the glory and enjoy it, because one day I will be seeing someone else, I hope that a young brit, winning here, and I want to make the most of these moments. By now, is my time. Our time“.

The career of Nico Rosberg was somewhat more problematic. In the rain, was unable to match the performance of Hamilton, Max Verstappen will ahead with the intermediates, and the German took several turns of the tire dry to be able to return it to the Dutch and finish second. Unfortunately, his problems with the gearbox, and the subsequent assistance illegally received, will relegate to third place after being penalized, and reduced his lead in the championship to just one point.

Long before knowing the penalty, on the podium, Rosberg acknowledged the work of his partner, and Verstappen, expressed his satisfaction at having been able to finish the race and even had words of appreciation for the british fans, despite some booing.

Lewis has done a better job during the whole weekend and deserve the victory, so congratulations. I was happy to have been able to finish the race, since my problem with the gearbox at the end was really serious, and I’ve been close to having to retire the car, but luckily I managed to fix it. In general, I felt good and I had a good rhythm in the media. The battle with Max was fun. It took Me a little time, but I managed to overtake him on the outside”.

“throughout the weekend, the atmosphere at Silverstone was extraordinary. Okay, I recognize that some people here didn’t like it as much as Lewis, but it is normal to be your country, and I sense that the majority has supported me a lot. That’s why the british fans are the best and the most passionate in the world”.