GP Great Britain: Mercedes decided not to appeal the sanction to Rosberg


After the penalty of ten seconds is imposed to Nico Rosberg for having been advised by his engineer via radio to six laps from the end of the race held at Silverstone, Mercedes informed the FIA of their intention to appeal the decision. That way, he made time to study the case, as if this was not done, would have archived the Sunday.

After 24 hours, the team has finally decided not to appeal and has stated its reasons through a press release:

“The team Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 has decided today
withdraw the notice of intention to appeal the decision of the
of the Grand Prix of Great Britain. We have been able to
demonstrate to the stewards that the failure of the gearbox that I was going
to stop the car was imminent
and, as such, was permitted by the
regulations to report to Nico (Rosberg) for the change of mode required
(to avoid this)”.

“however, it is considered that the council avoid the
seventh gear in violation of the TD / 016-16 (technical directive)
and by
thus, article 27.1 of the sporting regulations”.

“The team accepts the interpretation of the rules by
of the commissioners, their decision and the penalty associated with it.
During the next few weeks, we will continue with the talks
between the relevant parts of the F1 over the issue of the perception
of an excess of regulation
of the sport”.

The Mercedes of Rosberg was locked in the seventh up to six laps from the end of the race. His engineer gave him a few parameters to solve the problem through the steering wheel controls and, finally, told him he should avoid using the seventh gear. The latter council was that the commissioners used to argue the violation of the regulations.

Several have been the voices that have been shown to be contrary to the regulations that limits the conversations by radio and Mercedes announces that think up conversations between those involved to deal with what they consider an excess of regulatory control.