GP Great Britain: Official: Rosberg punished, loses the second place


The German pilot Mercedes had a good margin of time
with respect to Max Verstappen, who had not been able to contain
Rosberg and had lost ground gradually. But, five
laps from the end, the Mercedes was anchored in the seventh
speed, wasting a lot of time
Nico Rosberg. Moments
after the realization of the international signal for the
television stations all over the world, showed a conversation between
Rosberg and his engineer, in which he indicated what to do to avoid having problems with the seventh gear.


Finally, and when Max Verstappen was already almost to his
estela, Rosberg regained the pace and was able to maintain second place
end, minimizing the points lost after the victory of its maximum
opponent: Lewis Hamilton

This same weekend, the FIA announced that it would be more
strict with the radio messages
and would go on to study for part of
the commissioners any conversation could be illegal. So
it was in this case, so that Nico Rosberg had to go to declare
after the race. Subsequently, the German claimed to be quiet, because the team had been “studying the rules to know how to behave. I have all the confidence that I will not be penalized”.

Finally the commissioners decided to impose a ten seconds, so that his second place fell into the hands of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is only one point in the overall standings of the championship of pilots. Mercedes, however, has reported that it intends to appeal the decision by what he considered an unjust decision of the commissioners. In this way, avoids the issue would be archived at the end of the day and win time to decide how to meet the possible defense of the penalty.