GP Great Britain: Pirelli suggests limits on the use of their tires


Pirelli is increasingly restricting the mode of use of their tyres in the World Championship of Formula 1. Its inception in the category were especially striking, as the FIA commissioned a few tires that helped to create the show and races are unpredictable. So it was in his second year in the category, in 2012, a season in which there were a total of eight riders and six different winners.

But the teams, always eager to find the limit in the sake of higher performance, they put in problems to Pirelli, which, since its debut in 2011, decided to impose limits. The first of these was the imposition of a angle of fall or camber maximum of the wheels. Subsequently, in 2013, set pressure minimum in the tires and be banned from the method of changing the tires from side to take full advantage of its useful life.

Since the last Grand Prix of Austria controls are established to pressure to prevent the teams to alter artificially through a heating system of bushings, tires, and brakes. And, in Silverstone, Pirelli has begun to suggest a maximum number of turns for each compound.

this is Not an imposition, but a recommendation for a public that, in case of problems, will serve as a justification to avoid any liability on the part of the Italian brand.

This recommendation is given after the blowout suffered by Sebastian Vettel on lap 26 of the Grand Prix of Austria in your tire superblando right rear. Even if the mark pointed to a failure as a result of debris deposited on the track and, a few days later hinted at the possibility that one of the controversial pianos would have been the cause, the suggested limitation of laps maximum, makes one think if Pirelli fears that their tires do not hold enough as to leave total freedom to the teams in circuits demanding as Silverstone.

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On this occasion, Pirelli recommends that the soft compound does not exceed the 15 laps, the medium 28 and the hard only 26, has already occurred graining during the training in many cases. During the two days prior to the race at Silverstone, runs longer were taken care of Sergio Perez, with the hard (20 laps), Jolyon Palmer to the media (34 laps) and Lewis Hamilton with the soft (23 laps). Only the hard tyre, a compound that many pilots or siquieran have used this weekend, was used by under the recommendation made by Pirelli afterwards.

Regardless of if the fear of the Pirelli is justified or not, both the FIA as the Italian brand refuse to explain why it has come to the situation of having to limit the camber, pressures, and the number of turns of a few tires that are used in the competition more demanding and has always sought to fly the flag of the cutting edge of technology.