GP Great Britain: The x-ray: as well faced the riders the race in Silverstone


The first day at Silverstone was marked by the strong wind that, in a circuit with many fast corners, it complicates things a lot to the riders. Several teams introduced new parts that were evaluated during the first session, leaving to the second the greater part of the work on the tyres and the set point. Many chose not to use the hard compound, although the high degradation of this circuit could force them to use it in the third practice session on Saturday.

Great day that lived in Silverstone on the Saturday, with the stands full of fans and a meteorology of the area. The free practice sessions were marked by rain prior to the start of the session, which left the track wet in the first few minutes. Later, already with the dry track, Marcus Ericsson had a strong crash that left him out of a classification in which Mercedes dominated the Red Bull, and these to the Ferrari. Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso shone and was placed among the ten best.

below, we review a pilot to pilot the highlight of your weekend.


Lewis Hamilton

Friday: a Lot of wind, which complicated things, but the car was great, especially in the second sector.

Saturday: It was long the tread on a piano, going out of the limits of the track and wasting the time of the first attempt of Q1. Was more cautious in the second to ensure a good time.

Nico Rosberg

Friday: A leak of water prevented him from taking part in the second session.

Saturday: Very grateful to the team for providing a car that goes on rails in fast bends. Trust in the strategy and the degradation of the tyres to beat Hamilton.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
HAM 1:31.654 (1) 1:31.660 (1) 30+36 1:30.904 (1) 9 1:30.739 (2nd) 1:29.243 (1) 1:29.287 (1)
ROS 1:31.687 (2nd) 33 1:30.967 (2nd) 17 1:30.724 (1) 1:29.970 (2nd) 1:29.606 (2º)



Sebastian Vettel

Friday: Tested the second version of the HALO, but did not like the visibility it offers. The car has a lot of improving still.

Saturday: Very unhappy with his Q3. Lost behind in Stowe in the first attempt and spent braking in the first corner at the second attempt. Penalized five places for a new fault in the gearbox on the free 3.

Kimi Räikkönen

Friday: you are Not happy with the car and the wind complicated everything so much.

Saturday: In Q2, he spun on the first attempt and a plane in the second, but it happened. In Q3, the car had no more of what was seen.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
VET 1:32.501 (4th) 1:32.570 (4th) 20+40 1:32.049 (5th) 10 1:31.606 (5th) 1:30.711 (4th) 1:31.490 (6th)
RAI 1:33.039 (6th) 1:32.736 (5th) 28+38 1:32.833 (9th) 12 1:31.326 (4th) 1:31.385 (6th) 1:30.881 (5th)


Valtteri Bottas

Friday: Further from the head than expected. A lot of graining with the soft compound.

Saturday: Pulled out everything possible on the car, trust in the unpredictable weather to improve in the race.

Felipe Massa

Friday: You have worked hard to get the performance the car has, there is a lot to work.

Saturday: again, problems for generate temperature into the tyres, especially the rear since it is a circuit with little demand for traction, and yes, side-loading.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
BOT 1:34.263 (13th) 1:33.493 (7th) 38+38 1:32.736 (6th) 14 1:31.913 (7th) 1:31.478 (7th) 1:31.557 (7th)
MORE 1:34.456 (14th) 1:33.801 (10th) 34+29 1:33.440 (15th) 14 1:32.146 (9th) 1:32.002 (12th)

Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo

Friday: Very happy, especially with long runs.

Saturday: Happy for the result of the team, hopes to be able to keep the Ferrari behind in the race.

Max Verstappen

Friday: you Need to improve the balance, but believes that we are closer to Mercedes in this circuit.

Saturday: The best qualifying in F1, it was a pleasure to ride for the bound of the second sector with a car as neutral in their behavior.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
RIC 1:32.773 (5th) 1:32.051 (2nd) 30+30 1:31.488 (3rd) 6 1:31.684 (6th) 1:31.319 (5th) 1:30.618 (4th)
SEE 1:33.202 (7th) 1:32.286 (3rd) 22+36 1:31.561 (4th) 7 1:31.305 (3rd) 1:30.697 (3rd) 1:30.313 (3rd)

Force India


Sergio Pérez

Friday: Tested the three compounds of tires, they need to improve on long runs.

Saturday: The car improved after the changes you made, but missed the Q3 by a little bit. Trusts take advantage of the free choice of tyres in order to advance in the career.

Nico Hülkenberg

Friday: Happy with the set point found, will work in a mode of reducing the effect of the wind on the car.

Saturday: it Assumes the penalty for having jumped the boundaries of the track, which lost him a square.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
PER 1:33.235 (8th) 1:34.356 (16th) 29+36 1:33.361 (14th) 12 1:32.336 (13th) 1:31.875 (11th)
HUL 1:32.492 (3rd) 1:34.321 (15th) 30+35 1:32.798 (8th) 13 1:32.349 (14th) 1:31.770 (10th) 1:32.172 (9th)


Kevin Magnussen

Friday: he Used the medium compound for most of the day, has a range of use very small. The soft degrades very fast.

Saturday: he Used three sets of tyres in Q1. With the first came out of the margins of the track and we knocked out the time, but says that he did with the third. Then, in Q2, I had no new games.

Jolyon Palmer

Friday: Gave his car over to Esteban Ocon in the first session. Behind the car is unpredictable, there was a lot of wind in the afternoon. The soft compound lasts only for five turns.

Saturday: The last set of tyres didn’t offer the same grip as the previous ones.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
MAG 1:34.959 (19th) 40 1:34.049 (19th) 9 1:32.729 (16th) 1:37.060 (16th)
PAL 1:34.787 (16th) 1:34.610 (18th) 29+41 1:33.769 (18th) 12 1:32.905 (18th)

Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat

Friday: Suffered a spin in the second session, very complicated to drive with so much wind. There is room for improvement in the short runs especially.

Saturday: Magnussen annoyed at his last attempt the fastest lap in Q2.

Carlos Sainz

Friday: The Friday most complicated of the season. Many problems of balance.

Saturday: he had given his best lap of the season and, after the problems of Friday, is not expected to be as above. Will seventh after the penalty Vettel.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
KVY 1:33.738 (11th) 1:34.139 (13th) 20+35 1:33.538 (16th) 10 1:32.553 (15th) 1:32.306 (15th)
UPS 1:33.446 (9th) 1:33.840 (11th) 18+27 1:32.889 (10th) 10 1:32.115 (8th) 1:31.708 (8th) 1:31.989 (8th)


Marcus Ericsson

Friday: Tested the new rear wing in the first session. Tried the medium compound and soft in the second.

Saturday: did Not participate after the accident of the free 3. Went to the hospital and is fine, so that it will participate in the race.

Felipe Nasr

Friday: Many problems to run the soft tyre in the morning with lower temperature, much better by the afternoon.

Saturday: he Suffered a lot of oversteer with the second set of tyres, not being able to improve their initial time.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ERI 1:36.003 (20th) 1:34.722 (19th) 19+36 1:34.551 (21º) 7
NAS 1:34.805 (17th) 1:34.154 (14th) 21+25 1:33.710 (17th) 9 1:33.554 (21º)



Fernando Alonso

Friday: the evolution of The motor seems to be going well.

Saturday: he Lost his fastest time in Q3 at the outside of the track limits, but it will come off the ninth by taking advantage of the penalty to Vettel.

Jenson Button

Friday: lost part of the second session due to various problems in the engine.

Saturday: he could Not make his second attempt in Q1 to break the endplate of the rear spoiler on the curve 8 during his first attempt at fast lap.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ALO 1:33.527 (10th) 1:33.040 (6th) 22+31 1:32.754 (7th) 10 1:32.281 (11th) 1:31.740 (9th) 1:32.343 (10th)
BUT 1:34.132 (12th) 1:33.763 (9th) 24+20 1:33.042 (12th) 10 1:32.788 (17º)


Pascal Wehrlein

Friday: Many problems of degradation.

Saturday: Many problems with the temperature of the tires and none of the changes of tune, it worked.

Rio Haryanto

Friday: Very good in the morning, but changes made for the afternoon complicated things.

Saturday: Very happy with his return, expects to be able to do battle to the Renault and Sauber.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
WEH 1:36.136 (21st) 1:34.549 (17th) 25+40 1:34.658 (22nd) 10 1:33.151 (20º)
HAR 1:36.147 (22nd) 1:35.841 (21st) 29+36 1:34.471 (20th) 14 1:33.098 (19º)


Romain Grosjean

Friday: Of the few pilots that evaluated the three compounds, including the hard.

Saturday: The wind was surprised in Stowe and slightly lost control of the car.

Esteban Gutierrez

Friday: he Ceded his car to Charles Leclerc in the first session. Found a good set point in the second session.

Saturday: Suffered with tyre temperature at the beginning in Q1, but then improved. In Q2 he found traffic in the first attempt and the wind changed in the second, affecting the behavior of the car.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
GRO 1:34.547 (15th) 1:33.614 (8th) 24+32 1:33.344 (13th) 13 1:32.283 (12th) 1:32.050 (13º)
GUT 1:34.000 (12th) 31 1:3.895 (11th) 12 1:32.237 (10th) 1:32.241 (14th)

The decisions of the commissioners

  • Sergio Pérez is sanctioned with a 300€ fine for exceeding the speed limit in the pit-lane 2.7 km/h.
  • Sergio Pérez is punished with a 1.000€ fine for exceeding the speed limit in the pit-lane at 12.3 km/h.
  • Sebastian Vettel is punished with five squares on the grid to replace the gearbox before the age of the cycle of six consecutive races.
  • Marcus Ericsson is punished with five squares on the grid to replace the gearbox before the age of the cycle of six consecutive races.
  • Marcus Ericsson is punished with a start from the pit-lane to change the chassis of his car.
  • Marcus Ericsson you can take part in the race despite not having taken part in the classification.

The tyres available for the race



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