GP Great Britain: Video: Alonso vs Räikkönen. Duel for pole position at Silverstone 2005


The World Championship of 2005, gave us multiple moments full of quality between two pilots in fullness who were willing to lead the generation post-Schumacher. Kimi Räikkönen was on the verge of getting the title in 2003 against the German, but eventually Schumacher, endured and won two more titles.

While, Fernando Alonso was leading the offense of a team that grew progressively and that, in 2005, she caused a sensation with the single most complete of the grill.

At Silverstone, Fernando Alonso arrived with fourteen points advantage over Kimi Räikkönen in the championship. The McLaren was faster, but also more fragile. For Alonso, it was vital to stay ahead of a McLaren that, at any moment, we could recover that point of reliability that part which lacked. Their duel for the pole position in the fast-paced Silverstone, which was even more with the V10 with a sophisticated aerodynamics, it was fascinating and it was resolved by a few thousandths.

however, Kimi Räikkönen was penalised ten grid positions after being forced to change the engine and his team-mate, Juan Pablo Montoya, took the victory after overtaking Fernando Alonso on the first lap and lead to the end of the Grand Prix.