GP Hungary: Kimi Räikkönen: “The stewards are a joke with the reglas”


Ferrari out of Hungary with a few results slightly disappointing and no podium. Despite showing great pace in the race, his men were not able to unseat the Red Bull that they had before, in a race tense determined by the strategy, game by both teams is handed to the background with similar results.

Kimi Räikkönen was one of the great protagonists of the race. The Finnish driver, who started 14th and was eleventh at the start of the cycle of stops, made a great first stint, extending his stop until lap 29 and returning to the track in seventh position, which became sixth to overtake Fernando Alonso. His strategy allowed him to hunt down a Max Verstappen with a lot less pace, but the finn was left wanting after a couple of defensive maneuvers the pilot of Red Bull that raised blisters on the breast of the Scuderia.

After the race, Räikkönen was visibly upset with the fact that Verstappen was not even investigated by some actions that, in his opinion, were deserving of punishment, and said that he was about to be carried ahead to the Red Bull on both occasions.

“He moved to the right. I decided to go to the left, but when the other guy (sic) again, I did everything I could to avoid any contact. Once you’ve decided to go for a site, you can’t go in there, as luck esquivé more or less”.

“The second was a similar story: I made a move, and when I decided to go, it was very difficult to go back and try to avoid the other car, the other car moves there after. I tried to esquivarle and what I got, but it was two times, I think it has not been correct, their maneuvers were questionable. I’ve seen people be penalized for much less. But as I said, the commissioners, or of the people who decide how things work here, they are a joke with the rules”.

And is that, formerly, Räikkönen expressed his discontent with the interpretation of the regulation that had been carried out during the weekend in aspects like the discussion of the 107% throughout the day yesterday, claiming that the FIA should act more consistently:

“There are rules, but this weekend has been questionable, not only with the incidents between Max and I, if not many things, and yesterday. why do we have rules if the commissioners can decide that something “is good here and is not well here”? it Is useless to have rules if they do not apply all the time, and all of the world”.

“A good example is from yesterday in qualifying: you have the rule of 107%, and the commissioners applied to the people who did not pass the first round, but not the rest. How can you suddenly have the same standard applied in two different ways in the same classification? If someone can explain how it works… yes it is the Formula 1 today, and something must change. It gets ugly for the people, and it is not fair. If there is a rule, should be applied in the same way all the time and for all”.

with Respect to your career out of your arguments with Verstappen, Kimi was more sparing in words, although gave it up for good in the sixth position given your place of departure:

We did the maximum today, the car has been really good, we had the speed, but obviously this is not the easiest place to overtake. We didn’t start the race in a position that would allow us to get the result that we deserved, and this is the most disappointing”.


Vettel: “we Were faster than Red Bull”

Sebastian Vettel he finished the race in terms of fighting for a podium, but suffered from the same evil that your partner. The pilot is German won the game in the strategy to Max Verstappen at the first stop, and chased by pace of Daniel Ricciardo in the coming to an end, but this was not enough, ending the day in a fourth position that knows little for the four-time champion German:

“I Expected more today. I Had a good start, maybe too good, because the way to turn 1 is very long, so I had to get out of the slipstream a little before. A shame, because I was stuck in fifth place since then. He knew that everything would have to happen for the strategy, so we did an undercut to Verstappen”.

“I Think that we went much faster (Red Bull), but we also know that this is Hungary, and not only that you need to be much faster. We had between a half second and a second to the end, but it was not enough. We took the tires are newer, and we knew that we would return at the end. In the race, we had the pace to fight for the podium, but it was clear that, if you are ahead, you can be fairly aggressive, as was Red Bull, and there was no way of overtaking. This shows that, if we sort above, we will have it more easy in the race.

Vettel made it clear that the pace of the Ferrari, though good, is not enough to be a compelling alternative to Mercedes, and stressed that the team needs to better understand the cycles of operation of the tires to be able to plant face to the brand’s German and to distance itself from Red Bull:

“we don’t like to close-quarters, because we want to win and we have to improve, but I think the difference with Mercedes is not as big as it seems. Gives the impression of working better with the tyres, and that makes a big difference in a number of turns. The car went well today, pace is concerned. Obviously, we are not with Mercedes, they seem to be in another league“.