GP Hungary: Nico Rosberg without a penalty, keeps pole position in Hungary


Different conditions, same result. The complicated classification of the GP of Hungary, has had all kinds of ingredients, from rain to accidents happening, for a start postponed and several red flags. However, the track to the end has finished drying and it is synonymous with the absolute dominance of Mercedes. Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have signed a new doublet although none has done so in normal conditions. In fact, Nico Rosberg has been summoned by the commissioners to complete their fastest lap with yellow flags for the top of Alonso, although the German has not been sanctioned.

Nico Rosberg explained at a press conference of the great difficulties that have had all the drivers in qualifying: “it Has been a session incredible, the conditions have been changed in every moment and every lap was different from the previous one. We have passed through all the circumstances and on the last lap we had to find us space, something that has been repeated throughout the classification, and that it has not been easy to manage. luckily I managed to nail him on the last lap“.

In this aspect, the performance of Rosberg has been in doubt since in the same lap that got the pole was a yellow flag for the spun off from Alonso. However, the German gave no importance:there Were yellow flags and I have set up a little foot. I’ve been slower than in the previous lap in that sector compared to the previous round, so sure that I’m okay. A forecast that is accurate, something which has led to Nico Rosberg to achieve the 26 poles together by his compatriot Mika H√§kkinen: it Is good to know that I have reached the record of pole positions Finnish, although this is not something that I think. I do not soil, fix in the statistics, I fixed it in this weekend and it is very good to be on pole for the race tomorrow”.


Though he eventually finished second, Lewis Hamilton has had a moment of ‘crisis’ in the Q2. After a failure, the british stayed on the edge of the abyss: “Our passage to the Q3 has been a little tight, but I had not the heart in the mouth. I’ve had an exit in the curve 1, which has caused that were out of my time with all of the other riders improving. I’ve had a bit of fortune to get through and now be in the second position. I am very grateful to be here to be able to fight for the win tomorrow”.

A condition that Hamilton did not conceal and which I analyzed in this perspective: “I Started with the distance changed and when you lose a session on a track as technical as this is a setback. Today we have managed to recover the lost time, so I start with a wet track has served for the grill mezclase a time. At the end I felt much better. For tomorrow I hope it is a dry race, but I don’t care if we have a test in a joint. Are conditions in which I can survive”.