GP Hungary: Red Bull laments the missed opportunity


Red Bull managed to monopolize the second row of the grid
at the Hungaroring, obtaining in addition a significant margin on the
Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel. But, despite this, the balance is not
all positive, as there is the feeling that you could
have gotten even more

In the case of Daniel Ricciardo, the last lap was nothing
after the yellow flag caused by
Fernando Alonso, which affected
other riders also. The australian highlighted the complicated the
state of the track with some pianos still wet and the
extraordinary potential he has shown the car to the lake
weekend, which makes it possible to fight, at least for the podium.

“I don’t know if we achieved the maximum, the yellow flag us
bothered by it. Would have been nearer to the pole. I’m a little
disappointed, but the session was very good, we
competitive in all the conditions we have had to
to adapt quickly.
to Be with the dry tyres and touch the
pianos was complicated because there were still wet areas. In the
last curve, in Q3, there was a little moisture on the pianos,
but in the end we did the right thing”.

“On pure speed, we are closer than before, tomorrow will be
interesting. Mercedes showed good pace in the long runs and
we are close to the front to fight. Hopefully
see an exciting race. I Really feel that we can fight for
the podium. We are in a good position from the beginning of the end of
week and things have gone well

Max Verstappen he also claimed to have been able to be faster
what finally was, but he found it impossible to complete the last
timed lap, as they crossed the finish line a couple of
seconds later.

“I Believe that I was unfortunate to lose (the step-by-line
goal) by one or two seconds, because everyone was
slowing down in the last sector, obviously, and I was the last
car. I Sought to find space because once you get
trapped behind someone, there is no way to improve your time
. I
said to speed up, but he was trapped. It was unfortunate, but
we are in the second line, so everything is possible tomorrow”.

“I Think that, even if I had managed to (cross the goal
time), it would not have improved my time for the yellow flag. A
once I passed the goal, I thought I’d keep pressing and see what happens,
I was half a second faster in the first sector.
So, if
had been counting, I think it would have been close to Nico (Rosberg)”.