GP Hungary: Vettel: “The tyres of rain serve only to further the Safety Car”


The rain starts to become a problem for Formula 1
and there are several voices that point to the Pirelli tyres as
main causes of the category is interrupted in
soon as you see a reasonable amount of the fluid element

In the past Great Prize of Great Britain, the rain appeared
minutes before the start of the race, inundating the track.
Although soon stopped, the output is given under the framework of a Safety Car and
it lasted for five laps
, at which time the car
security entered in the pit lane with several cars behind
to put the intermediate tyres.

it Is, therefore, the tire of the extreme wet which receives the
criticism of the pilots, which argue that it is not enough
good to be able to compete in situations like the one you gave
at Silverstone
or in the classification of the Grand Prix of Hungary.

During the Q1, the race direction decided to postpone the
beginning of the same by the rain, and after resume, occurred
four red flags
: a by the arrival of more rain, a by the
crash of Marcus Ericsson with extreme wet tyres and two
more by the accident of Felipe Massa and Rio Haryanto, this time with
the intermediate tyres already mounted.

Vettel, very critical

Sebastian Vettel has been the last driver to complain, stating
that current tyres don’t allow you to roll on wet as well
yesteryear. “The race that is anchored in my head is China in
2009, it was a good race for us (Vettel won the race
with doublet of Red Bull), but it was raining crazy and there was no
, remember the German pilot, currently at Ferrari.


At Silverstone, many were the drivers who entered the pits to put on intermediate tyres as he left the safety car.

“To be fair, nothing has changed (in relation to the performance
of the current Pirelli), so I think that criticism either
, judgment by Sebastian Vettel who has already insisted on
several times in the lack of performance of the tires
wet. After Silverstone, the German already warned that “the pilots
we have mentioned on several occasions that the rain tires
extreme are only good enough to follow the car
security, we then seek to place the intermediates. Really,
no one has faith in the rain-extreme”

The criticisms come from far away and already in the first season
Pirelli as sole supplier of the Formula 1 after his return,
the pilots asked for better rain tires.
Italian brand argues that there is not enough test to be able to
to improve the tire
and that, with the current limitation and the low
team collaboration, not much can be done.