GP Italy: Alonso: “The first pit-stop we promised, but not much has changed”


The dream of score points in Monza became possible during the first phase of the Grand Prix of Italy, in which Fernando Alonso was placed tenth after the first round, to win a seat later.

But the first stop is further complicated something that was already difficult in and of itself. The change of tyres was good, but the light that gives the order to the pilot to exit does not change from red to green and the Spanish rider lost three seconds before one of the mechanics gave order to resume the march manually.

“from there (the first pit stop) the race changed a little bit because we were in the points ahead of Hülkenberg, we had to throw out very strong during the first laps to recover the time lost and the tires, when pulling too hard in those early laps the shatter and I think that first pit-stop we undertook a little bit of the race, but well, instead of ending the 11, just the 14 or the 15, but always out of the points, so not much changes”.

The Spanish pilot, in a statement to Movistar F1, acknowledged that he had not expected to play in a circuit so fast and that only incidents at the front may give you a chance, as it did in Spa-Francorchamps.

“I Wish to come to circuit best, we knew this was going to be difficult and so it was. unlike Spa, there was nothing in front of us and when nothing happens in this type of circuits, we know that we are not at the required level”.

As an anecdote of the race, the fastest lap of Fernando Alonso in the last lap. The McLaren had a shooting with the soft compound and, after being overtaken by Jenson Button -who was driving with superblandos-, came into the pits to put a new game which had the same compound. Subsequently, the Spanish marked the fastest lap of the race.

“A good news at least, we had new wheels for
the last two laps and, at least, a statistic that comes up.
does Not change anything to have the fastest lap, at the end (what that account is
that) we’ve been out of the points