GP Italy: analysis: the keys of the GP of Italy


The Grand Prix of Italy is often decided in small details since, with very few curves, the differences are minimal and it is very difficult to reduce distances. That was what happened to Lewis Hamilton, who lost no less than five positions in the output and, when he wanted to get to the second, Nico Rosberg had already gone hopelessly.

In a race, quite stable and devoid of incidents outstanding, the pace of each rider is imposed on other aspects and, in that sense, Ferrari was far superior to Red Bull that it even came to be threatened by the Williams of Valtteri Bottas. For the Spanish was not good news that they did not happen disadvantages and none of them managed to score finally.

The stars

Nico Rosberg


Rosberg has regained control at the turn of the winter break and has taken advantage of to the perfection the opportunities given by his team-mate in the last two race. The inevitable penalty for engine changes at Spa, he has joined the ruling at the output of Monza.

With the last two wins, Rosberg has managed to go back to rely on themselves, since the difference in points is minimal. The circumstances you have been given a second chance and now it depends on him to be able to take advantage of it.

Daniel Ricciardo


The australian continues to show a huge consistency and, if not, on occasions, to the dazzling brilliance of his companion, has amassed an unquestionable regularity that, ultimately, is what allows you to get titles.

In Monza was able to draw the best possible result with a Red Bull that was not for the many joys and was able to beat Bottas with Williams very competitive on the straights Italian. Addition and continues for a Ricciardo that has become a valuable asset for your team.

Valtteri Bottas


Bottas is still the mainstay of Williams in one of the most difficult moments of the team in the last three years. Since Mercedes is to become a supplier, the team has improved dramatically, but the effect has been diluted as the rest of the teams have been adapting to the regulations.

Bottas is the pillar on which rests the aspirations of Williams to get the fourth position in the general classification at the end of the season. It seems that the team has regained the north and, though now come circuits not conducive to the single-seater Grove, the exceptional moment of form that crosses Valtteri do you still have hopes.

Jenson Button


it Is true that Jenson came out pretty bad and lost many places, although it is that, surely, is the slightest error that you can commit a pilot. Subsequently, Ericsson forced him to get out to the gravel and the result was that Button spent the first lap in last position.

from there, showed he still is in shape and that the McLaren defends well in all types of circuits, reaching to the vicinity of the points, and surpassing, even, to Fernando Alonso. The race Button is one of those that often go unnoticed, but that teem with merit on all four sides.

The starry

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton made only one error, but very eye-catching. To go wrong, fell from the first to the sixth position and there scuppered his chance of victory, having to work hard to get the podium.

When you’re playing for the title with your team-mate within an education so superior to the rest, the errors are minimum, as a bad output is equal in significance to other more serious crash-landed in the classification or falling out of track in the race. There is No doubt that Lewis will recover immediately and Rosberg are still having a tough ahead but, regardless of the circumstances that have provoked, it is true that after fourteen races, only two points separate them.

Esteban GutiƩrrez


In Monza it presented the best opportunity of scoring for the mexican, who has not yet managed to start in a season in which his partner has already achieved 28 points. Ranked very well, coming in the Q3 and in the race, the pace made it very clear that I had everything needed for scoring. But the output was so disastrous, that any further attempt was useless and all it does no more than complicate its continuity in Haas next season.

Daniil Kvyat


When it seems that Daniil Kvyat may not occur more things to happen. On this occasion, a ground-damaged, together with a penalty for speeding in the pit-lane and overheated batteries, they ended up with their hopes of, at least, finish the race.

Kvyat stacks bad luck with unforced errors (as the error of the Parabolic in Q1 that prevented him to pass round when we had found, at last, the pace of the car) and all of this leads to one disaster after another. His mental strength has disappeared, and, although a man usually ruthless as Helmut Marko strives to give time and show empathy, the feeling is that the Russian takes a lot of time outside of the Formula 1. Both mentally, and physically.

The flash


Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas starred in the advancement of the race. Aussie pressured the Williams thanks to his better race pace, but the power of the Mercedes engine prevented him from trying to even the overtaking.

On lap 47, following an intense duel that was lasting for much of the race, Daniel Ricciardo earned out with sufficient speed of the satellite Dish as to, at least, maintain the distance with respect to Bottas with the help of the DRS. Then, aware that it would be complicated to have another chance, decided to dash to the end of the straight from very far away.

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Ricciardo confessed to after he dared because he knew that Bottas had seen in the rear view mirror and he was sure that would not cause an accident. So it was, as Daniel did she get to stop the car to perfection and, although Bottas held the position in the first corner of the chicane, it was impossible to keep it up in the second and the Red Bull ran away hopelessly. A great movement on the part of both pilots.

The dark area


Monisha Kalterborn said, after the race, that I didn’t understand why the stewards had penalised Felipe Nasr for the incident with Jolyon Palmer. The british tried to overtake at the end of the straight at the beginning of the race, but the brazilian fought back, retaining the position at the exit of the chicane.

But Nasr, instead of letting space to the pilot of Renault, was closing off the path more and more, until Palmer decided not to give in to not get out of track. Then, they both touched it, damaging their respective cars and seeing how their respective career ended.

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There is a virtue that is not typically practice enough and it is that, when something is indefensible, it is best to keep quiet and not draw attention. Kalterborn decided to take the way of the defense impossible and, therefore, was in a position both ridiculous.