GP Italy: Bottas: “One of the best ratings of my life”


Photo: Williams F1

Face and cross to Williams on the classification of the Grand Prix of Italy. Valtteri Bottas has done with the fifth position on the starting grid, behind only the Mercedes and the Ferrari, while Felipe Massa, in his first performance after the announcement of his retirement, has not been able to progress beyond Q2 and had to settle with eleventh place.

One lap with the tyre superblando enough to Bottas to move forward to the Q2 with the eighth best time. In this second phase, the finn returned to gamble at a single attempt with the same compound and is lifted to the fourth position. A result which could not emulate in Q3, where he stayed more than three-tenths of Kimi Räikkönen, although managed to be the best behind the Mercedes and Ferrari to beat Daniel Ricciardo by a single thousandth.

it Has been a very good qualifying session, I think that one of the best of my career. We have exploited the full potential of the car, the fifth is a good position for the exit, and I’ll be on the clean side, so I think we have a good chance to score many points. I hope that Felipe, who will be able to choose the tires, you can recover from its eleventh position to give good points to the computer.

Two days after the announcement of his retirement at the end of this season, Felipe Massa was not able to get into the top ten, something that he blamed the traffic just before his second attempt in Q2. All in all, the brazilian is confident that the strategy can help you to climb positions in the race.

The post 11 is not where you expected to be. Is disappointing, because I believed that we could get in Q3 with ease. Just before my second attempt in Q2 I was forced to go very slow and, as a result, my tires lacked the grip needed to be faster. The positive side is that I can choose the tyres to start the race, what will help me with the strategy, and I hope to make the most of it.