GP Italy: Button: “We have the best power delivery of the grill”


In the press conference prior to the start of the action on the track in the Italian Grand Prix, Jenson Button has been very optimistic with the possibilities of the team at this track in comparison to its performance from 2015, on the basis of the improvements that Honda has made throughout the year on the power unit that mounts in a McLaren.

The engine is japanese, which remains exclusive to the british team, has offered a more performance-close to you the rest of the units in the power circuits, where last year they suffered greatly. The large deficit of power with that ripped off his adventure in Formula 1, and that still drag in a partial way, was caused in particular by a little collection of hybrid energy, an aspect in which he has worked to fund.

In fact, a report in the daily newspaper AS suggests that Honda could adopt shortly a pre-chamber combustion, a concept already used in the other three bikers (Renault from Grand Prix Monaco of this year), and that would be a significant boost to the performance of the engine via the Jet Ignition System.

Thanks to the advances of the year, McLaren has been able to show themselves as a competitive team of middle area in a circuit, a priori, more harmful, as Spa-Francorchamps. In the path of belgium, Jenson Button managed to sneak in to Q3 and Fernando Alonso, who was fifth on the track after the numerous incidents of the opening laps and had the pace and power enough to keep himself in the points and get one-seventh position having come out last.

Encouraging pace in power circuits

Asked about his feelings in Belgium and whether the team had noticed on the track progress Button, that just could not compete in the race, stressed the solidity of the pace of Fernando Alonso.

“Well, I just did four curves, but they were all fantastic, so I’m very happy with them! Now seriously, as a whole did better in Eng than many had hoped. I also think that we had something more downforce than others, but if you forget the first few laps, and you see the pace of the car, Fernando was going well in the race. These are the two circuits are reasonably complicated for us, but we have made good progress. Honda did a great job.”

Button has gone above and beyond in the press conference, and has come to say that the power delivery of the Honda is the best of the grill, while it is aware that the engine continues to have less muscle to offer:

“Limits a lot your strategy, especially here and at Spa, because you can’t keep behind cars on the straights. But it is very different now. The power unit has improved a lot, but also the power delivery: we have probably the best delivery. I come here a lot more happy.”

“the Whole Spa weekend was positive, and the guys in Woking are bringing new parts for each race, probably more than many teams. We continue pushing, and many of the things that we are putting on this car will help the car next year”.

The good results are not enough

The feeling at McLaren is quite positive in general terms, and that is clear from the declarations of the Button. After starting the year as the eighth team in performance, behind Haas, of Woking have been advancing gradually, until the point of have snatched the sixth position in the constructors, Toro Rosso in Belgium.

more Progress this year appears to be a chimera, and the performance is far from the intention of winning, but at least the fight is still much more entertaining for the drivers this year, confesses to the british:

“it Is a long way from being competitive enough, but it’s great to see progress in almost every Grand Prix we go, whether it is a map engine ranking by becoming one of race, or something completely new. it Is great to feel so much progress, and it is much more enjoyable when you’re fighting among the top ten. It is a good feeling compared to last year.”

“Great progress, but we want more. A sixth or a seventh, are the good in our situation, but it is not to win. When you get used to winning, even if it was already a time, you still want to go back there, it is the goal of the team”.