GP Italy: Ecclestone announces an agreement with Monza up 2019


Bernie Ecclestone, Jean Todt (President of FIA), and Angelo Sticchi Damiani has confirmed to the press shifted to Monza that sand has reached an agreement to host the Grand Prix of Italy for three more years.

The dispute between the circuits of Imola and Monza for the organization of the event in his own country have even reached the courts and, despite the fact that the past month of July, the managers of Imola announced a pre-agreement with Ecclestone, has finally been Monza who has earned the favor of the manager of the commercial rights of the Formula 1.

“unfortunately we can’t sign it here, but what is most important is that we have an agreement thanks to our lawyers and we are defining the small details. There is No problem in holding the race here, the contract will be for three years, but I hope that we can be here 100 years,”, confirmed Bernie Ecclestone, no doubt sending a message to the managers of Imola.