GP Italy: Gasly, Kvyat and Marko: the story of a malentendido


translations. In principle, a harmless way to pass the impressions of another person in a language alien to, can be a dangerous double-edged sword if you do it wrong, or if in the same lost the meaning of a sentence that could be misconstrued in a way at all appropriate. This week the Formula 1 has gone through two examples, very representative of the two within the environment of Red Bull. A few days ago, Max Verstappen commented that its statements to a Dutch television on Jacques Villeneuve had been poorly transcribed and, therefore, misinterpreted. Now it has been the turn of Pierre Gasly.

Minutes before the race, the channel Movistar F1, which broadcasts in the exclusive, Formula 1 in Spain through a payment platform, issued an interview with the French rider, the current leader of the GP2 with a margin of 10-points advantage over his team-mate Antonio Giovinazzi. In an answer to a question, the translation of the statements of Gasly included the following excerpt verbatim: “for 22 minutes I have been told: “you’re going to run in Singapore? Really? I hope it will be. At the end I have to see Helmut,”

¿Will @PierreGASLY the seat @Dany_Kvyat in Singapore? #ItalianGP
— Movistar F1 (@movistar_F1) September 4, 2016

This sparked the rumor mill in social media, which rushed to assert that Gasly confirmed his presence as a pilot and owner of Toro Rosso on the streets of Marina Bay in place of the Russian Daniil Kvyat, whose seat has been placed in doubt for next season, and whose recent results had resulted in speculation about a change by Gasly even before the end of the season.

beyond the relative sense that this maneuver could have (Gasly is playing the title in GP2 and has yet to compete in Sepang and Abu Dhabi, rounds that would not quit to take the championship to play a couple of races in Formula (1), the news spread like wildfire among the international media.

Two of them were contacted after the race with the head of Red Bull in terms of pilots, Helmut Marko and. First, Sky Sports F1 spoke with the leader of the austrian live for to know your impressions and to ask for the immediate future of Kvyat. Marko, who had not heard anything of the matter, was very surprised before responding:

That is a bullshit. Kvyat will have his opportunity recover and we will not take any decision on who he will drive at Toro Rosso until the middle of October. I did not know and, créedme, I’ll be on the phone immediately“.

“For now, whatever goes wrong (with Kvyat), happens in your car, so that it would not be fair to blame for what has happened up to now. We are patient, and we hope that you will overcome your bad luck: this time has had problems in qualifying and also in race. This unfortunate situation has to end, and when we have all the information, we will take decisions”.

afterwards, Motorsport also had the opportunity to speak with Marko, who continued to deny any change in the second car of Toro Rosso for the next Big Prize:

Kvyat will be no doubt in the Toro Rosso in Singapore. Also for the rest of the season. I have to check this story, I heard here for the first time. I can Not imagine that Gasly is so stupid to make those comments. We are deciding who sits in the car, and he (Gasly) will also not be in the car on a Friday. You will be in a simulator on Friday, but not in the car.”

Hours later, and through his Twitter account, Gasly took care to clarify his statements. The French rider used the popular social network to tweet the following: “Better make it clear now, I never said that go to replace Daniil in Singapore, I simply said that I hoped I would have my chance in Formula 1 as soon as possible #rumors”.

Better to make it clear now, never said I would replace Daniil in Singapore, just said that I hope to get my opportunity in F1 asap. #rumour
— Pierre Gasly (@PierreGASLY) September 4, 2016

Likewise, the journalist Noemi de Miguel, the current sent to the Movistar F1 circuits and in charge of conducting the interview in question, also used Twitter to clarify the situation:

“Reality: Gasly has never said that go to occupy the position of Daniil Kvyat in Singapore. Someone who was not of the staff of Red Bull came to him and said. In the middle of the rumor mill is busy, (there is that) to distinguish between anecdote and rumor. As all the drivers in GP2, Pierre dreams of the F1 and is in the lists of the future because of their qualities. would Not be just to harm one who wants to get a seat competing and winning. Respect for the one who haunts your dreams day-to-day.”

1️⃣ Reality: @PierreGASLY has never said that go to occupy the position of Daniil Kvyat in Singapore.
— Noemi de Miguel (@Noemidemiguel) September 4, 2016

So it is as it has developed to this situation, this misunderstanding that has due cause headaches to more than one unnecessary. doubts and rumors about the future of Daniil Kvyat continue to be intense, and its abandonment in Monza will not be of help to the Russian, but, for now, remains a Formula 1 driver. Gasly will have to keep waiting.