GP Italy: Günther Steiner: “The pressure we were able to Gutiérrez”


In Monza, Esteban Gutierrez was planted in grill with his best option to score points this season. This year, after a fateful in that sense, in which has not passed the eleventh position in the race while his team-mate Romain Grosjean has joined the 28 points Haas, the mexican driver started in tenth place after the first Q3 of his team, and had a good pace to keep it.

unfortunately for him, failed at the start, and lost several positions that ended up being decisive in the end in a race fairly static. Gutierrez ended the race in 13th place, while Grosjean won six positions, recovering from the penalty for riding a new gearbox, to finish eleventh at the doors of the points.

the head of The team of Haas, Günther Steiner, called the bad departure of Gutiérrez as a failure of the pilot himself, and even dropped the pressure by not scoring or continue in Formula 1 could have had part of the blame, although he says that this pressure has not come by part of the own machine:

“The fault in the output was a problem of the pilot. I guess you could the pressure. It is an opportunity lost for us, but also for him, these positions are difficult to get as is the grill now. In Monza we had a small chance of ending up a tenth and beat one of the Force India if we had started perfectly, but it was not so. It was not the best timing, but I don’t think we have put that type of pressure. It is not as if we were to say “if you do this, you can do this,”. It is a point of negotiation.”

with Respect to the team in general, Steiner appreciated the performance of Haas relative to other teams in Monza, and he regretted not having been able to take advantage of that level slightly higher than the usual rating:

“We have distanced ourselves from the people behind us, and Sunday fight with McLaren-Honda, a great team, so that we can be proud. But there are five teams in front of us, that are very good. If nothing happens to them, is difficult. The entire weekend was a lost opportunity. Our car was pretty good at Monza, all free, and in qualifying we got into Q3″.

“We have a new 11th and 13th, that is where we are normally, but should have been a little bit above that curve. We need everything to go well again a weekend, because we’re making good progress, and the car show that is there”.