GP Italy: Hamilton and Rosberg are marked to close at Monza


there are No surprises. Monza is a territory ‘tiffosi’ by feeling, but Mercedes in competitive terms. The arrows of silver dominated the first two sessions of the GP of Italy and what is true is that it does not appear that Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg may find a rival outside of themselves. For this reason, both drivers have been a bit ambiguous about the evaluation of the tires, leaving the door open to a strategic diversity that can make the difference between two pilots that have been shot in times very similar in almost all the phases of the workouts.

Asked in the ‘playpen’ by the press, Lewis Hamilton has almost thrown balls outside in relation to the tires: “superblandos have gone well. I’m Not going to say much about the tires, but they feel much better than in the previous race, perhaps because the temperatures have not been as high as in Spa. In this track we do not have a step-by curve as fast in certain sections and perhaps this is why the degradation is not so important“.

In line with this, Hamilton believes that the team is just as strong in 2015, although the times have even been better than in the last edition of the GP of Italy: “I Think we’re more or less at the same point last year and although I do not remember the time that we did, I think we are more fast, safe. in Addition, it seems that there is more grip on the track. In free 1 the balance of the car was fair, but we have made some changes in the face of free 2 and has seen some improvement. we Want to continue on that path, because in the long runs have gone quite well“.


Nico Rosberg has been very pleased with his performance in the first free: “I have felt good, unlike Spa. From the first lap the car had a tune-up, perfect. It has been a good day, we are fast. it Seems that Ferrari is the team that is closer to us, but it is a few tenths behind. The tyres worked very well today, have no excessive heating as in Spa and the truth is that I feel very good for tomorrow. I’ll have a chance to fight for the pole“.

however, the German pilot has been much more terse and enigmatic to you once you have asked about the tires superblandos. Even so, Rosberg has put on the table the option of seeing the gums red in the race as an important option: superblandos work very well, but just not a back, but also in the face of the race. At the moment it is difficult to know what tires we have to use for the race, because today all the tires can be used on the Sunday”.