GP Italy: Imola takes legal action against ACI


The open war between the managers of the circuits of Imola and Monza for organizing the Grand Prix of Italy, starting from 2017 is starting to take dramatic overtones.

At the beginning of this week, Uberto Jungle stated that he had signed an agreement with Bernie Ecclestone to organise the Grand Prix of Italy for five seasons, but that such an agreement had to be ratified by the Automobile Club d’italia (ACI).

Angelo Sticchi, President of the Italian agency, has said repeatedly that she is not in favor of moving the organization of the event at Imola, so that finally, your managers have decided to file an administrative appeal.

“Formula Imola announces that it has filed an appeal before the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio against the Federation of Sports of car of italy (ACI), for the challenge to the procedure by which the ICA refuses to Formula Imola, the use of the title of Grand Prix of Italy, as well as the access to the funds, with the so-called Stability Law, were intended for the organization of the Italian Grand Prix of Formula 1. It is expected, in accordance with the guidelines of the policy of the European Union, which can be used to organize the Grand Prix of Italy Formula 1 racing at the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola”.

Formula Imola has already handed over to the FOM (Formula One Management) and FOWC (Formula One World Championship) his commitment to stand up to your disposal to organise the Italian Grand Prix of Formula 1 in the motor racing circuit of Imola for the next five editions by embracing the agreement signed last may, in accordance with the text of the same received by the London office of the pattern of the Formula 1, Bernard Charles Ecclestone. Everything happened, as usual, under the formalities of the law, anti-bribery, respecting the tradition that they are the promoters (or circuits) of those negotiating with the rights holder (FOM, and FOWC) the contractual provisions for the organization of a Grand Prix of F1″.

“Formula Imola, in his right, and, as requested by the FOM, attended the free negotiations that allowed Formula Imola assume the contractual commitment. After that, on the other hand, the same proposal sent by the FOM, and FOWC to SIAS (Società Iniziative Autostradali e Servizi) and the Autodromo di Monza was not accepted“.

“to cope with national agencies is required to again assess jointly and constructively all the possible options, to prevent a serious risk to the country’s image in terms of sports”.

Both the managers of the circuit of Monza as the President of the ICA, claim that the path milanese account with the necessary funding to renew its contract, rejecting the various proposals that the leaders of Imola have been made in the last few months.