GP Italy: Red Bull minimizes damage in a good day for Ricciardo


Red Bull knew that Monza was not the scenario is conducive to their interests. A return touched to suffer, and though the pace in the race for Sunday has been better, neither Daniel Ricciardo nor Max Verstappen has been a real threat to Mercedes and Ferrari. In spite of this, Daniel Ricciardo has signed a positive fifth position ahead of Valtteri Bottas, while Max Verstappen has been seventh after a bad start that led him to lose several positions. The Dutch did catch a career more loose than usual in that it did not have the pace expected by their fights with Force India.

With a quite good pace and taking all the potential of the RB12, Daniel Ricciardo ended satisfied by the fifth end position: “you expect to fight for the podium in every race, but being realistic, coming here we knew that Ferrari had an advantage over us. He also played for deal with Williams and Force India, very strong here. We focus on the fifth place. I managed to reach this position, and somehow we’ve limited the damage here in Monza. Bottas was quite close during the middle of the race and it was a battle hard for fifth position. It was an overtaking very nice”.

In relation to this maneuver, maybe one of the best overtaking moves throughout the race, Daniel Ricciardo stated: “I could Not go without trying. Bottas is a rider just, had seen me in the mirrors and gave me enough space, so that I had this opportunity. It was very funny because at that time we had superblandos and thanks to this strategic change, I had the opportunity to attack. Our performance throughout the season and the result we have accomplished here makes me very excited of face-to Singapore, where we can fight for the top positions”.


Max Verstappen had a career marked by the seventh position. In that place ripped in the output, and in that position I cross the goal, although in between we had to fight and overcome various positions because of a bad output: I Put the ‘anti-stall’ in the output, but I don’t know very well, that happened there, we have to analyze it. After my bad start they all turned into something very difficult, because we had to attack with great force, we force the tires to move to the other riders and committed to our strategy”.

despite this, Verstappen has wanted to bring the positive side of a career quite complex: The last pit stop was very positive. I think we did the best we could with the tyres that we had, so that we can be very happy for that. The car behaved very well in this race despite being a track that is not among our favorites. We are already looking at Singapore and I hope that we can have a good performance there”.