GP Italy: Sainz and Kvyat lament the asphalting of the Dish


Toro Rosso it was built on the foundations of the popular team Minardi, who erected its headquarters in Faenza, 50 km from Bologna. Now the team of Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat operates in the headquarters and is in the Italian Grand Prix the home race, just like Ferrari.

it Is for this reason that, for Carlos Sainz, the Monza race is pretty special. In addition, the passion of the fans provides a unique atmosphere that, according to the Spanish rider, you can feel even inside of the car.

it is a kind of second home, already
that is the home Grand Prix for Toro Rosso and is full of tifosi.
The public is very passionate and they can hear and smell from the
car, thanks to the barbecue
. It is
fantastic get to the first corner at 350 km/h
surrounded by fans”.

the first chicane is difficult, always seem to
having taps on the first lap. Of
there we go to another area, fast, to the curves 4 and 5, a chicane
in which you have to attack the kerbs a lot. After this chicane,
we face the curves of Lesmo, my favorite part: there is a cant and that
implies that comes with a lot of speed

reaching the curve 8, is passed through another area, very quickly reaching
the 340 km/h. Also
there is that mash the pianos in the curves 8, 9 and 10, which are taken
in fourth speed, and are faster than they appear

it is another long straight to reach the
Parabolic, a curve that has lost part of its charm.
Before there was gravel on the outside of the curve, but now it has
asphalt, a shame

Daniil Kvyat also regrets the asphalting of the Dish, which came to pose a challenge to major for pilots, by your variable-radius, high-speed and importance of face-to-perform overtaking on the straight.

it is an interesting circuit, and fast. The
brakes are the longest and strongest of all the championship
. To
such speed, much depends on the power run well here, but it is
a circuit that brings me good memories, since that I have won in
some of the lower categories”.

like the circuit, it is beautiful and exciting,
although I also have some negative memories as of 2014,
when I had brake problems while we were doing a good race.
with Respect to the path itself, only
I can complain about the Dish paved; it was much more
interesting when I had gravel