GP Italy: Suffering for Carlos Sainz and Toro Rosso at Monza


Toro Rosso knew that Monza could be a tricky dish to digest and the first two sessions of free have confirmed that the team will go bad in the GP of Italy. Despite the efforts on the part of the technicians and pilots to test two aerodynamic configurations different in the two STR11, nor Carlos Sainz or Daniil Kvyat have been able to get out of the last positions table of classification. The car in Faenza has clear shortcomings of top-end speed, and what is even more worrying, is not getting the proper management of the tire.

Given the circumstances, Carlos Sainz is not satised with the situation. In this aspect, the pilot in madrid not only complain about the lack of pace and top speed, but the problems he has had the computer time to adapt to the new aerodynamic package. Be that as it may, Sainz was trying to get a positive reading at the completion of the plan of work proposed by Toro Rosso:Has been a Friday full of work, as was to be expected. There are many tests to perform during the sessions for free and I’m happy to complete our plan”.


After the end of the sixteenth and seventeenth in the two sessions of free, Sainz showed less in the way of words, the result of the difficult situation they are living Toro Rosso at his home race and in the last meetings of the championship: I can Not say much more. I am not satisfied with the pace, but we expected something like that. Now is the time to work hard to try to get closer to the top ten”.

Still more terse was Daniil Kvyat in his assessment of the day on the Friday of the GP of Italy. The Russian pilot is not going through a good situation and was quite specific in his analysis. Despite this, Kvyat was trying to also make a positive reading, something complicated after being seventeenth, and twenty in the first two free : Has been a Friday productive. We collected a lot of data, which is important for our knowledge. Now we have work to do. The track is not easy for us, so that we have a tough weekend ahead“.