GP Italy: Verstappen attacks Villeneuve: “Should I care what he says, he killed someone”


The controversy of the incident taken by Max Verstappen in Belgium has reached a tipping point and unexpected intervention of Jacques Villeneuve. In statements to Motorsport, the canadian, world champion in 1997, charged Wednesday that the FIA protect the rider Dutch the not punishing you, and he appealed directly to the own Verstappen with a “calm down. You’re going to kill someone”.

After these words, today Verstappen has responded to the microphones of the Dutch canal Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (US) even more direct, suggesting that Villeneuve should be more cautious in their statements because of their history:

“Villeneuve should take care of your language when he says that you could kill someone, because he killed someone in Melbourne 2001. Would have to look to themselves. I think that what it says is a lack of respect towards the family of the curator deceased“.

Verstappen makes reference to the accident that occurred in the Australian Grand Prix of 2001, that caused the death to the commissioner of track Graham Beveridge. Villeneuve, losing the reference of the braking in turn 3, was ahead of the Williams of Ralf Schumacher, suffering from a violent accident with the fence that smashed his car. The remains volatile of the accident, in particular a wheel, hit packed to the commissioner, who died later in a hospital.

Verstappen has also commented that he has tried to talk with the pilots of Ferrari to settle the situation (“I Wanted to have done today, but they were busy”), after both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen will reaffirm in their opinions in the press conference on Thursday.