GP Italy: [Video] The fastest lap of the history in F1


2004 Season, circuit of Monza. Juan Pablo Montoya prepares to mark a time that will serve to determine at what position will go out later in the session final that sets the order of grill.

That year, the Formula 1 had a qualifying format in two phases. Both were made with the pilots coming out to the track one by one and the first was used to determine the starting order of the second. The pilot with the best time in the first batch -which was done with the car the most downloaded of fuel – would last in the second -in that is included with the fuel to be used in the first phase of the race, because at that time there was refuelling-.

The cars had to weigh a minimum of 605 kg (97 less than today), have a aerodynamics, less restrictive, and were powered by naturally aspirated engines V10 with a capacity of 3,000 cc, which allowed them to have a power of approximately 900 horsepower at 18,000 rpm.

At that Grand Prix, Juan Pablo Montoya set a time in the first qualifying round of 1:19.525, which meant an average speed of 262,242 km/h. A record that is still current and that there is likely to be shaken up at least, the introduction of new regulations in 2017.

Juan Pablo Montoya would end up getting the second place on the grid, being passed by the Ferrari of Rubens Barrichello in the second qualifying session. In the race, the colombian was unable to pass the fifth position, but at least managed to enter the history books of F1 that weekend.