GP Japan: Force India get the perfect result


Photo: Force India

Force India has succeeded in the Grand Prix of Japan the most that was within his reach. With the hierarchy of potential increasingly defined and no incidents or problems of reliability on the part of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, the team angloindia has confirmed in Suzuka of its status of fourth best team in the grill with the seventh-placed Sergio Perez and the eighth Nico Hülkenberg: a few valuable points that allow them to enjoy ten of advantage in their battle with Williams for the fourth position in the absence of four races for the conclusion of the season.

From the fifth position on the grid thanks to the penalties received by Vettel and Räikkönen, Sergio Perez made a grand exit that took him to the third position. But he was soon aware that I was not going to be possible to contain the faster cars coming from behind. Vettel and Ricciardo first, and Räikkönen and Hamilton after the first steps by boxes, exceeded the mexican. What did these last two with Hülkenberg, with an exit even better than that of his companion had been in sixth place.

From that time was a career-placid, with the only obstacle of having to overtake on track with the Williams, who had raised a different strategy. Something that is achieved without excessive trouble after circular almost in formation to the target, away from the first six, but with a whole world of advantage over Massa and Bottas: forty seconds.

it Is comforting to add these important ten points, the maximum that realistically could get, and we’re satisfied of our performance throughout the weekend”, said the deputy director, Robert Fernley. A satisfaction shared by his drivers, starting with Sergio Pérez, who recognized the strategy chosen as “right for us” and that in the end everything is reduced to “look after the tyres and not look for problems”.

I’ve been very good and we have taken the right decisions. The exit was fun, I tried to resist but I knew it was going to be difficult and had to choose my battles. The Williams were with another strategy, and it was ahead of them on the track, but the car was very fast today and what I could do quickly. We have added very good points, but now you have to keep doing the same thing in the last four races.

For his part, Nico Hülkenberg only regretted not having got a better exit position, something that, in his opinion, would have allowed him to improve a position, and noted the passing to Valtteri Bottas as the best of his career.

I Am quite happy, although it could have been a seventh, but I paid the price by not having an ideal classification. The highlight of my career of the race, overtaking Valtteri. I had tried one lap before, but I did not finish either of the last curve, so eu I said “if I can’t with you there, I will do it in the chicane”: it was a battle wheel to wheel, but I completed well the maneuver. It was important to finish with the two cars because the fight will get to the final race.